These Are The 6 C’s Of Success

“No wind blows fair for a ship that has no port.” -Seneca

For Robert Collier “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”, whereas Einstein says “Try not to be a person of success, but rather a person of virtue”. A person can feel that he has succeeded in life by excelling in his career and earning millions; while another can believe he is content by selfless service to society. Some may experience the taste of success by fulfilling his family’s aspirations, while some may feel successful by providing two square meals to his family or sending his children to school. The definition of success varies from person to person, but certain traits in one’s personality are indications of sure success. Here are the 6 C’s that are bound to lead one towards success.

· Character—

Indeed the primary asset of an individual is a good and trustworthy character. Our morals, ethics, virtues, ideals, philosophy, vision, shape up our personalities and inspire or influence others. A person who is true to his character, can accept himself as he is, tries not to blindly emulate others or put up a facade to hide his true self is already a step ahead in the path of success. A strong character helps in teamwork, collaborations, without compromising one’s perspective and freedom. One’s unwavering integrity not only makes one successful but also liberates him and makes him content with life.

· Commitment—

The key to achieve success is a complete commitment to one’s work. One should be absolutely focused on achieving one’s goal and never give in to distracting temptations. One must commit to hit the bull’s eye, not chase a mirage. Setbacks, discouragement, failures, obstacles are bound to come in one’s life, but these are mere stepping stones– however, only when one is committed enough to achieve his goal. Conviction, consistency, persistence, passion, elicit commitment, and one should nurture this commitment. However, one should be aware of what truly satisfies him and follow that path to give rise to such commitment.

· Concentration—

All aspirations are bound to crash down if there is no concentration. When a person has determined his path, it is not enough to just dream about his successful future. To make that success a reality, one needs undivided attention and concentration. Choose a course, chart a path, concentrate on treading that path, put all your hard work into it, and there you are on the gateway to success.

These Are The 6 C’s Of Success
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· Confidence—

If you have confidence in yourself, half the battle is won. Life will throw innumerable hurdles in one’s path, people may lose faith, conditions may be utterly discouraging, but one must never lose confidence. One should harbour a strong belief in his heart that he will do what he must, and he will be able to achieve his goal no matter what. However, one should never be misguided by over-confidence. Others may not understand one’s ideals or vision, but he must retain his confidence. If one is confident enough about himself and what he is doing, no one can pull him down.

· Courage—

Courage is another crucial aspect of one’s personality. One has to be courageous enough to pursue one’s goal to take the untaken path. One should not be afraid of venturing into the unknown or sailing through unexplored waters. If his goal is clear and constant, he is sure to find his landing. Don’t be scared of being different; don’t suppress your inner charisma just because you don’t fit into the norm. Be courageous enough to spread your wings, to discover your true self.

· Compassion—

An essential component in structuring a course towards success is compassion. No matter wherever you have reached, whatever heights you are in, never forget from where you began your journey. After reaching a certain position in life, you may see others who are struggling to stand up and fight or being demotivated and losing hope. Be compassionate towards them, towards the world beyond your shell. Never restrict your horizons. Real success can only be tasted when you are capable of helping others succeed. That’s humanity, that’s a success.

Follow these 6 C’s in life for a better and successful life.

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