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Success story of ‘Permarent’

It can be cool and convenient when you can rent furniture or home appliances isn’t it? Well, we do think it is a really nice idea and therefore we got Lakshya Khurana, 24, the founder of the ‘Permarent’, an online platform from where you can rent furniture and home appliances. Along with his partners Apurv Mathur, 24, and Abhishek Jaiswal, 24, this young trio has a great success story to share.

Starting the conversation sitting across the table, Lakshya started with the talks about his personal life, “I did my graduation in computer science from IIT Kanpur in 2014 and then I went to work with RocQ Analytics as a data scientist. It was then when I was relocated to Gurgaon where the idea of Permarent was germinated. Abhishek is my college mate and Apurv is my school friend. Abhishek was working for Flipkart whereas Apurv was working for Bosch Ltd.”

Telling us more about the concept, he explained, “Well, it is an online platform where you can get furniture, home appliances and custom made packages for your haven on rent. Although the online rental space is not untouched in India, the potential is definitely untapped. Renting a product is obviously a better choice in cases where an individual is looking for a temporary lodging, or wants to avoid initial expense of product purchase or wants to try out a certain style or type of product before buying it. This is where we come. We help our customers maintain their lifestyle in case of any such transitions of life. We further provide free delivery, free installation and free repair and maintenance throughout the rental period. We also have a rent-to-own option for our customers where they can own the products by renting them for a specified period on prices far lesser than EMIs.”

When asked about taking risks in life and being entrepreneur, he laughingly said, “I will not say that I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. And who does? When I was in college, I always wanted to be a Poker Champion. I was an extreme poker enthusiast and probably that’s how I inculcated the ability to take risks. It made me into a more responsible and patient individual. It was just that I felt that I am missing a ‘kick’ which led to the whole “figuring out what I want” process leading to the decision of starting something on my own. The thought of failing did not deter me and half of the battle is lost if you start something with half a heart.”

Wondering how these guys managed funding for this amazing concept, he revealed, “We aren’t a funded start-up. Money is extremely vital to a start-up’s survival. It is like you have an idea and the passion but money is what sustains you through various phases of start-up. We have been receiving extremely positive response from investors and the day is soon to arrive.”

We wish team ‘Permarent’ to be permanent and have a bright future ahead!

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