For the story to be featured on News Aur Chai’s Startup Connect

Please share your name, mobile number, email ID, website, brief about the startup. Send this email to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Startup Connect Request <startup name> – <sector>’

The criteria for the interview to be featured?

  • Should be a registered entity.
  • Should be at least 4-6 months old.
  • We generally avoid new feature/product launches.
  • Should have some market validation/traction.
  • Shouldn’t be an idea only, at least the MVP stage.

Once accepted, a NAC author will get in touch with you. And after the interview, it’ll take up to three-four weeks for the interview to get published.

Points To Remember:

  • In your email request, mention your name, mobile number, website (along with the URL), social media handles, brief about the startup.
  • Please send this email request from your company’s (official) email ID.
  • Avoid parallel conversations with different team members.
  • We prefer communication over email.
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