Decode GST – Ups And Downs of GST

India culminated a game-changing proposal by bringing in the goods and services tax (GST) with a four slab taxation structure of 5%, 12%, 18%...

Ways To Find Out Manipulative Traits In A Person!

If you go by the dictionary meaning of the word “Manipulate”, you would simply find -one who controls or play upon by artful, unfair,...

Chai Pe Charcha

Mike Hilbert

We Will Head Home Before The Year Is Out – A...

Mike Hilbert, a teacher from Arizona(USA) decided to travel the world along with his fiancé Jenna for a year. They travelled to the most...
Aahana Kumra

In A Candid Conversation With Aahana Kumra

With her brilliant performance as Rati, in the web series “Official Chukyagiri”, Aahana Kumra shares her journey of success with us. She has also...

Real Heroes

Kora Kagaz

Blank Paper Fulfilling Thousands Of Dreams

Your academic term gets over and it’s time to make space for the new books in the shelf by deporting the old ones. However,...
Phungsuk Wangdu 3 Idiots

Real Life Phungsuk Wangdu

The character called 'Phungsuk Wangdu' in the movie 3 Idiots got it's inspiration from a genius yet humble man, Sonam Wangchuk from the trans-Himalayan...



Doosra Pehlu


Arunachal Pradesh, The Latest Showdown Between The Lion And The Dragon

China’s wish will remain a wish forever. China’s claim over Arunachal Pradesh has become a hot potato issue in recent times. China daily wrote,...
Social Media has made us puppets

Social Media Is Controlling You Like A Puppet

Our ancient Vedic yuga had thoughtfulness as it's base, it was that time when Chankya, Chandra Gupta, Guru Vashisht, Vishwa Mitra, Arya Bhatt and...

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Justin Bieber in Mumbai

Confession of a Justin Bieber’s Fan about Mumbai Concert

Confession of a Justin Bieber's Fan about Mumbai Concert My 14-year-old cousin is a big Bieber fan (Or was). So I gifted her Bieber concert...
Dear Maya Manisha

“Dear Maya”- Manisha Koirala is back in Pristine Avatar

The Trailer for the movie “Dear Maya” is out; Manisha Koirala is all set to play her second innings in Bollywood with Sunaina Bhatnagar’s...