Lost Callahan Book

Lost Callahan by Aaksa Karuna Shah – NAC Book Review

Lost Callahan is a novel by Aaksa Karuna Shah, a young author based in New Delhi, The novel was published in July 2016 by...

Origin of ISIS

A deadly terrorist group has been mercilessly slaughtering people on lines of extreme religious fundamentalism. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which goes...

Chai Pe Charcha

Kora Kagaz

Blank Paper Fulfilling Thousands Of Dreams

Your academic term gets over and it’s time to make space for the new books in the shelf by deporting the old ones. However,...
Dhanush Babu

Skating Across Boundaries To Turn To India!

“It was quite difficult when I started off, right from finding a good coach to tiring sessions and balancing studies but, after I won...

Real Heroes

Phungsuk Wangdu 3 Idiots

Real Life Phungsuk Wangdu

The character called 'Phungsuk Wangdu' in the movie 3 Idiots got it's inspiration from a genius yet humble man, Sonam Wangchuk from the trans-Himalayan...

Everyone struggles but this kid is an Inspiration

Streets are filled with Inspirational stories in Mumbai. We all work hard to make things work in our life. Everyone is struggling in some...



Doosra Pehlu

Racism in America

Increasing Racist Crimes In Trump’s America

With the Donald Trump’s victory in the US election, came the safe spaces for the racists in America. The world witnessed a number of...
Lipstick Under My Burkha

The Cut And Shut Case

The Central Board of Film Certification has been in a love- hate relationship with the people and film industry members for quite some time...

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Trapped Movie Trailer

Trapped! – The Trailer Promises A Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions!

What do you do when you are trapped? Call? What if your phone is not working? Will you shout for help? what if no...
Comeback of Movie Stars

“The Comeback Story” – Beginning of A Success Story Again!

You dreamt to climb the highest mountain- to feel the most zestful vibe of being on the top, to inhale the purest breeze, to...