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QuikConsult | These Women Are Changing The Way You Consult!

Most of us – be it individuals, families and business owners – don’t get timely and professional advice in time of need. QuikConsult wants to change this by making consulting services simple and easily accessible in India.

QuikConsult is an on-demand service for people to find and talk with trusted and qualified experts in India. Their bridging technology securely connects real people to real experts through one-on-one chat and email conversation. Registered experts are listed according to their professional expertise and are available for consultation around the clock.

Jas Kaur, co-founder of QuikConsult, had a lot to share in her interview.

On being asked how the idea of such a service was built on, she said that in 2015, she had an accounting related query. To resolve it, she searched the internet and spoke to CAs over the phone. Even after wasting her whole day, she wasn’t satisfied with the responses she had received. So, she thought there should be a digital product through which people find and hire consultants for advice without any hassle. That’s when the idea came and the team started working on QuikConsult as early as 2016.

Jas says she has always wanted to try her luck at business. When our honourable PM encouraged us to be a part of a startup movement, she also felt motivated. She thought her idea of online consulting could help people who struggle to find expert advice, especially the working professionals pursuing demanding careers. They don’t have the time to battle traffic, make reservations, and travel a long distance just to get few questions answered from an expert. So, she discussed her plan with her elder sisters and started working on it. And the result is before us today!

On being asked what their service specialises in, she said that QuikConsult provides on-demand consultation from top industry experts of India through chat and email. It is a secure and user-friendly platform being used by Indians to seek expert advice in various industry segments including real estate, technology, business, health, fitness, law, fashion, spirituality, taxes, events, parenting, travel, and immigration.

But the journey wasn’t easy and required enormous efforts, as of course, building marketplace driven brands is very complicated. According to Jas, the first and the biggest challenge was building the initial base of consultants and users. Discovering top industry experts and getting them on board requires a lot of effort and time. Consultant reach requires a lot of spend on SEO, social media, personal reach, etc. Plus, building such a secure and stable platform requires a big investment in technology and development. She also shared her insights and experience about the same on Entrepreneur and Yourstory a while ago.

The core element of QuikConsult is on-demand online consultation from experienced and verified professionals is certainly the core of QuikConsult. In addition to that, the team is really proud of creating a platform that has made consultation affordable in India.

QuikConsult Team
Team QuikConsult | Source: NewsAurChai

On being asked about future plans she said that they want to reach a point where online consulting becomes synonymous with QuikConsult. They want to grow as a team that generates value for everyone and are driven by the vision of building the most trusted consultant marketplace of India.

For bringing this to reality, they are working closely with UpReports, a talented business development and digital marketing team from Chandigarh. Team QuikConsult is also working hard to evolve exciting new features.

QuikConsult has reached great heights in a short span of time. They have connected with thousands of consultants in India and are currently hosting experts with over 15 years of experience on their platform. They are building a knowledge-driven brand and in a very short time have managed to generate buzz through top media publications and social channels. Their goal for 2017 is to emerge as the first choice for seeking expert advice from verified Indian consultants online.

Find them on facebook by clicking here, and visit their website to start your ‘QuikConsult’ right now by clicking here!

We at NewsAurChai wish you all the best with your venture.

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