Five Things To Do In The First Month Of This Year

New year, new beginnings. Everyone likes to start fresh, do new things and try to erase every negative aspect which had been dictating their life previously. The fresh start of a new year gives everyone an excellent opportunity to clarify their desires and create positive momentum. New year positivity depends on our feelings or mood. As a result, when we feel good, we attract more good things, experiences and people in our lives. Also, as a result of focusing on feeling good, we feel energised and inspired to do new things.

There are two ways in which you can spend your first month of the new year. Either you can be lazy, sit all day long, lamenting the cold winter weather or you can get up, put on the dress which makes you feel good and become active. To help you get yourself in gear for the rest of the year, I have decided to share my list of the first five things to do in the first month of 2020. Follow this list, and you’ll start the New Year most powerfully and excitingly!

1. Enjoy the day off

Five Things To Do In The First Month Of This Year
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The First day of the year can always be used to laze around and do nothing. After all, last night’s celebration wouldn’t be getting out of you anytime soon, so some downtime is a must. Relax, watch movies, order your favourite food, have a good chat with your best friend and keep doing nothing. However, don’t forget that this still is a productive day as it helps you recuperate.

2.Hit the end of the year sales

Five Things To Do In The First Month Of This Year
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Who doesn’t like to buy things, especially when they are in the discount? The year-end sales always have a minimum of 50% discount, which helps you save a lot. Don’t forget to think outside the holidays, too. Some of the discounted items are useful year-round.

3. Learn something new

Five Things To Do In The First Month Of This Year
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If you have a will, you can do anything. Nowadays, you can learn anything with just a flick of the finger. Stop texting and learn something which will be of use in future.

4. Create a list of goals for the whole year

Five Things To Do In The First Month Of This Year
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There is a vast difference between wanting to do positive things throughout the year and actually planning to do them. Make it a reality by preparing a list of goals you would like to achieve for the whole year

5. Donate things to the people who need them

Five Things To Do In The First Month Of This Year
Source: Pixabay

Some people have almost nothing to sustain them the whole year. While cleaning your house, round up all those things that you no longer need or want. You can easily donate them to those who actually require them. However, don’t use those people as a dump yard to just throw away whatever is unwanted to you.

I hope you all will start the New Year in the best way possible! Great things are waiting for you and now is the time to claim them. Do you have other ways to stay productive in the first month of the year so that the whole year can run smoothly? Let me know your plans for the first month.


Oindri Kundu

I’m an avid reader, painter and writer. Basically I’m the girl with a love for books and an artist with hidden talents. I hope to make a good change in the world through the power of my pen ‘cause as you know ‘A pen is mightier than the sword.’

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