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How Daily Struggle Of Four Bachelors Is Now A Solution For Everyone!

Laundry is easily the least favorite chore out of all, mostly because it always takes so long to sort, wash, fold, and iron all of the clothes. Four IITians seem to have found the solution of your tedious daily chore activity. Founders of “Dapper” , Abhas Maheshwari, Mudit Sharma, Vijay Kumar and Jasmeet Singh have probably solved the problem of every bachelor or any person tired of doing this activity.

These four talented boys were themselves a victim of this daily headache and hence the idea came to them.

What is “Dapper” all about ?

One stop solution for your laundry. “Dapper” , Just like its meaning , gives you neat and clean washed, ironed and dry cleaned clothes with minimal efforts from you. Clicking a button is way easier than washing clothes, isn’t it ? They have amazing features such as affordable rates,pick up and drop facility and guarantee of best service, leaving you completely free from all hassles.

I asked one of the founders how did they end up with this idea,“Honestly, ever since I have stayed alone laundry has been a headache, never knew until now that whites and colored have to be separated or different detergent for different clothes were required, we used to dump all clothes in the same bucket and get rid of washing it somehow” said Mudit jokingly, “ So, to get rid of this daily struggle Abhas came up with this idea and started initially in 2013 with a complete different set of people, But due to unforeseen reasons it was called off , but destiny maybe had other plans and Abhas and me (former roommates)  happened to meet up in Mumbai and decided to restart what was once closed and what next we were soon joined in by Vijay and Jasmeet” continued Mudit.

 Well, it’s great that they restarted it again and honestly they have had a great time ever since. Mudit also told us,  “We started of with a pilot testing session in September and the response was amazing and then we launched Dapper fully. Since the time we have launched, there has been no day we do not receive orders”.

As of now Dapper is actively looking for its first round of funding and currently Dapper has crossed 1500 transactions since its inception and is close to hitting 50 orders/day. So when do you plan to take up their services ? Click here to visit the site now!

We wish you all the very best with Dapper! And hope you come up with more such brilliant ideas!

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