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Is India Entering Into A March Of Anarchy?

Speaking of anarchy, according to google dictionary it is, “a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems”. However, the current happenings in our country India, are giving a similar picture where people are protesting, standing together in unison opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). As news media houses quoted, “the global wildfire of street protests, from Sudan to Chile, Lebanon to Hong Kong, has finally reached the country whose 1.3 billion population is mostly below the age of 25. The social, political and economic implications couldn’t be more serious.”

The youth of the country which constitutes more than half of the population in India has taken the social media like wildfire where they are posting hate comments and their grievances because they are not happy with the present government. Concerning the current happenings in the country, we can clearly see that the government is failing to control the situation and put the people into submission and also calm them down.

We can say that anarchy is emerging in the country because of the incompetence of the ruling government of India. A government is known to protect its people and guard their rights. However, what the government is doing is sectioning the country into different parts and communities, which is not acceptable. India has always been the home to diverse cultures and communities, but then isn’t putting forth a controversial law like this going to divide the country?

In such circumstances, the people will revolt because democracy has given the people the right to expression and the right to speech. Although here, people are maimed because of raising their voices. Many people have lost their lives during the protests.

If this goes on, there will be a time when people will come forward and overthrow the government and maybe even harm them.

The day may not be far for the Indian prime minister to be overthrown out of his power if he continues to bring up such controversial policies for the country. The government is responsible for upholding the rights of the people, but if they fail to do so, the people of a democratic country won’t agree to have such a government.

Rukumoni Das

I am a student of Political Science doing my final year degree from Handique Girls' College, Gauhati University. I'm aspiring for civil services as social service has always intrigued me.

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