7 Reasons Why We Should Support Sunny Leone

So again Sunny Leone is in the news, this time because of an FIR lodged by a Mumbai woman, who complained that the pornstar turned Bollywood actor is promoting obscenity and destroying Indian culture and society with her website. The complainant Anjali Palan who is a supporter of Hindu Janajargruti Samiti, alleges that the sexual Contents in Sunny’s official website is hurting the moral culture of our society. The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti demanded the deportation of former adult film star and barring her future entry into India. Sunny leone or Karenjit Kaur Vohra, an Indo-Canadian actor debuted in Bollywood with Jism-2 in 2012 has moved a long way since then, but it seems controversies always manage to find her some way or around. In a situation when HJC is demanding literally a ban on Sunny Leone, in this post, I am going to share my opinion on why we need Sunny Leone in Bollywood.

1. Bollywood’s Dabangg Girl: Bollywood have its own set of seduction queens, but when it comes to being bold and unconventional no one can possibly do it better than Sunny. As with or without clothes she can really do some wonder with the flow of adrenaline in men.sunnyleone17_1381231186

2. Truly define beauty: Sunny is probably the only actor who defines beauty in the true sense, she shows that there is an edge in the beauty of a woman, which lies not in the eyes of the beholder but in the expressions of a woman.20150519001030

3. Confidence and personality: Voices in our head sometimes prove to be our greatest enemies. Our inhibition hinders our Way. But Sunny Leone shows us how not to carry the baggage of your past to your present. She shows us how to be proud of ourselves in Every point of time. This confidence makes viewer accept her as mainstream actor inspite of being a former adult film star.20150519001136

4. The Past is in the past: It is not about that Sunny Leone doesn’t hide her past, it’s about she doesn’t feel guilty about it. She was quite open from the very first that it was for the money, enjoyment and ambition. She teaches us how it is not about what you have done, it is what you are doing and how.20150519001154

5. It’s not about them it’s about you: Sunny never actually bothered about all the criticisms she has faced because of being a former porn star. She shows that being a porn star isn’t something which is filthy. She breaks the notion of prostitution which is mixed up with the porn industry.20150519001522

6. Here I stay, Here I stand: Without having any Godfather in Bollywood. She has managed to bag a good amount of film as the leading actor. All it’s because of her name which is enough to draw the crowd. Although her last venture “Kuch Kuch Locha Hai” couldn’t do any wonder with numbers in the box office but she is working with some other ongoing project in different languages.sunny Leone

7. Charity: Although she didn’t do any significant charity work, She supported PETA and ran a half marathon in Los Angeles to raise money for American Cancer Society. In near future, she will be a prominent name in India who supports good causes. Through TV serials, she has given social messages supporting issues like a woman’s attire does not invite molestation or rape. She also refuses to shot an item dance sequence when she learned that children were there in the set. As because those contents weren’t suitable for children to watch.20150519001006

There are other causes which can prove that Sunny Leone is just another name of unconventionality.

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