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How far can you go with your passion??… Story of Dr. C.Karthik



Music and Physics – sounds like quite an odd pair. An average person would probably think of the two as very distinct and opposite areas of interest. However, Dr. C Karthik has managed to achieve the seemingly impossible. He is a musician with a Ph.D. in Soft Condensed Matter Physics.

“Since early days of my life, I was passionate about two things. One of them was teaching/research and the other was music. Since my school days, I enjoyed teaching students and my favorite subject was Physics.”

Starting with his flourishing career in Physics – Dr. C Karthik was among the five students who got selected for the University Grant Commission – Basic Scientific Research (UGC-BSR) junior research fellowship in March 2012 in Physics department at BITS, Pilani. He has since got 5 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and 4 international and national conference research papers. He has also done paper presentations in 9 different international and national conferences, including one in Japan and invited talk recently at Orlando, the USA in February earlier this year. An upcoming invited talk of him will be at the 5th World Congress of Advanced Materials (WCAM) in June at Chongqing, China.ck1

“Music always relieved me of all the pressures and stress in my life. The support, encouragement and appreciation from my parents, teachers and friends always helped and motivated   me to learn new aspects of music and constantly improve my performances. Doing teaching/research and music together at the same time was always a challenge and I enjoyed each and every moment of this journey.”

His music career began at a much earlier age. His mother was his first inspiration who used to teach him bhajans and shlokas at a very small age which was instrumental in developing his music interest. At the tender age of 13, he became a disciple of Late Ustad Manik Chandji from Jodhpur Gharana and started learning Hindustani classical music. At Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani, Dr. C Karthik held onto his passion and actively involved himself in all the activities of Spic Macay (Pilani Chapter).ck2

His enthusiasm for music led him to become the founder of GURUKUL, Department of music at BITS, Pilani in 2008. He started learning Hindustani classical music and completed his diploma in Hindustani vocal music with distinction in both practical and theory from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad in 2012. He taught at GURUKUL from 2011 to 2015, giving more than 100 musical performances during the last 10 years.

“When you do something in life which interests you, you never feel the burden of doing it. I always loved teaching/research and music. By God’s grace, I was always able to strike a balance between my studies/research and music. Doing research satisfied my urge to keep learning new things; while teaching and music gave me an opportunity to interact and communicate with various people. Teaching always gave me the satisfaction of contributing to the development of society in my own small way and music performances gave me immense pleasure… One thing that was common in both the fields was my constant urge to keep learning, gain knowledge and sharing the same with others.”

At the age of 7, he was put in a hostel and faced the difficulties of meeting the expectations of being independent at such a young age. The second biggest challenge was the starting of a music department at BITS, Pilani. New ideas and new ventures always face stiff challenges. There were already two departments which were related to music; “Music Club” and “Raagmalika”. Hence, it took immense persuasion to convince the authorities about the different layout which was adopted while building GURUKUL. Eventually, the hard work and perseverance paid off. According to Dr. C Karthik, it was a difficult journey for all, but determination and persistence were the two key factors in building GURUKUL.

Life is always full of challenges. The person who is ready to do hard work and has self-belief would always overcome all the problems in life. The best thing about a failure is that it is never permanent. So, if you fail, you will definitely be successful sometimes. It’s just that sometimes life tests your character. I failed a number of times in life, but my willpower was very strong.  I was always ready to fight and come out of any adverse situation.  The key mantra was that I always believed in myself.”

With GURUKUL, the students of BITS, Pilani who are passionate and keen in learning music now have a platform to learn music. GURUKUL has come a long way since its inception in 2008. GURUKUL now invites popular musicians/bands from all over India to come and share their experiences and teach techniques to the students at BITS Pilani. It also organizes competitions every year to encourage students to show their talent such as Battle of bands, Drums Duel during OASIS and Tunagram during APOGEE at BITS, Pilani. Every year GURUKUL holds four concerts, ranging from Indian pop, Sufi, Semi-Classical to Classical music, Ghazals and Western music. At present GURUKUL has more than 100 members.

“It was always my dream to start a record music label since early days of my graduation. During the development of GURUKUL at BITS, Pilani, I realized that there is no dearth of talent in India, but there are people who are in search of right kind of place where their talent can be further nurtured and they can get that launching pad for their music careers. So, I decided to start a new record music label company.”

After completing his Ph.D. and the experience of Gurukul he started his own music label Gurukul Music Creations (GMC). The first song released by Gurukul Music Creations, “Tu aisa aa gaya” was a duet with another upcoming talent Anjum Mehta and was arranged, mixed and mastered by Rithik Madhavan. The other two songs were arranged, mixed and mastered by Dr. Karthik himself. He has written lyrics for the two melodious songs; “Tu aisa aa gaya” & “O baware” and has had the opportunity to sing for a Tamil advertisement (jingle) in 2015. In the coming years, GMC will focus on bringing upcoming singers, composers, arrangers and lyricist as well as training students who are passionate and want to learn music.

Keeping true to his inquisitive nature, he joined Dr. A.R. Rahman’s foundation, KM Music Conservatory at Chennai after completing his Ph.D. to further improve his musical skills. He completed his Certificate in vocal performance (Western classical music) and Electronic music production from KMMC.

“My stay at KMMC helped me in gaining valuable experience, training, and knowledge in music. This one year at Chennai helped me in experiencing and understanding the working and various aspects of the music industry.”

Dr. C Karthik is a live example of how one can achieve anything they desire to (even if it’s mastering two completely different areas of work), as long as you work hard towards it. I think what we all can learn from him is that we should never feel limited – there is always something more that you can do. His thirst for knowledge and drive for building a new music platform has brought him to where he is today.

We would like to thank Dr. C Karthik for giving us an insight into his life and this heart-warmingly inspiring story. We wish you exceptional success for all your future endeavors!

Links to Gurukul Music Creations:-

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जम्मू-कश्मीर में गैर-कश्मीरी नागरिकों पर आतंकियों का बढता अत्याचार!



Kashmir | News Aur Chai
जम्मू-कश्मीर में बीते कुछ दिनों से गैर-कश्मीरी नागरीकों पर आतंकी हमलों के मामले सामने आ रहे हैं।

जम्मू-कश्मीर में बीते कुछ दिनों से गैर-कश्मीरी नागरीकों पर आतंकी हमलों के मामले सामने आ रहे हैं। खासतौर से गैर-कश्मीरी मजदूरों को निशाना बनाया जा रहा है। जम्मू-कश्मीर में आतंकियों द्वारा अब तक नौ नागरीकों की हत्या कर दी गई है। 5 अक्टूबर को श्रीनगर में आतंकियो ने वीरेंद्र पासवान की गोली मारकर हत्या कर दी थी। वीरेंद्र पासवान बिहार का रहनेवाला था और पिछले दो वर्षों से श्रीनगर में गोलगप्पे बेचता था। आतंकियों ने 6 अक्टूबर को फार्मेसी मालिक एम.एल बिंदू, स्ट्रीट वेंडर और एक टैक्सी ड्राइवर की हत्या कर दी थी। श्रीनगर के ईदगाह इलाके में आतंकियों ने स्कूल की मुख्य अध्यापिका सुपिंदर कौर और अध्यापक दीपक शर्मा की गोली मारकर हत्या कर दी।

16 अक्टूबर को अरविंद कुमार साह पर आतंकियों द्वारा गोली चलाई गई, उन्हें गंभीर स्थिति में श्रीनगर के SMHS अस्पताल ले जाया गया जहाँ डॉक्टरों ने उन्हें मृत घोषित कर दिया। अरविंद कुमार बिहार के बांका जिले में रहनेवाले थे और श्रीनगर में गोलगप्पे बेचते थे। 16 अक्टूबर की ही शाम को आतंकियों ने पुलवामा में सगीर अहमद नाम के व्यक्ति की गोली मारकर हत्या कर दी। सगीर अहमद उत्तरप्रदेश का रहनेवाला था एवं पेशे से वह एक कार्पेंटर था। 17 अक्टूबर, रविवार को आतंकियों ने दक्षिण कश्मीर के कुलगाम में के तीन मजदूरों को गोली मार दी, जिससे दो मजदूरों की मृत्यु हो गई और एक मजदूर बुरी तरह से घायल हो गया।

कश्मीर के अलग अलग हिस्सों में अनेकों प्रवासी बसे हुए हैं। अधिकतर लोग रोजगार की तलाश में बिहार से कश्मीर आए हुए हैं। लोगों का कहना है कि वे अगले महीने तक अपने घर बिहार जाना चाहते थे मगर दहशतगर्दों के कारण उन्हें काम छोड़कर बीच में ही जाना पढ़ रहा है। लोग डरे हुए हैं कि यदि स्थिति जल्द से जल्द सामान्य नहीं हुई तो उनका रोजगार और बच्चों की पढ़ाई छुट जाएगी।

27 वर्षों से कश्मीर में रह रहे 45 वर्षीय पंकज पासवान का कहना है कि उन्होंने इतने वर्षों में कश्मीर की इससे भी बदतर हालत देखी है। उनका कहना है कि एक के बाद एक हो रही हत्याओं से कश्मीर में दहशत का माहौल बना हुआ है और वे भी इस समय बिहार लौट जाना चाहते हैं। आतंकियों द्वारा निशाना बनाए गए नागरिकों का कहना है कि अनुच्छेद-370 के हटने से और कश्मीर के विकास से आतंकी बौखलाए हुए हैं। इसी वजह से वो लोगों पर हमला कर रहे हैं। नागरिकों का कहना है कि रविवार को हुए आतंकी हमले से पहले उन्हें उम्मीद थी कि हालात सुधर जाएंगे मगर लगातार हो रही हत्याओं से उन्हें भी जान का खतरा बना हुआ है।

पीडीपी अध्यक्षा महबूबा मुफ्ती का कहना है कि, यह घटना निंदनीय है। भोले भाले लोगों को बेवजह मरना और उनका रोज़गार छीनना बेहद दुःख की बात है।

बीजेपी के प्रवक्ता अल्ताफ ठाकुर ने कहा कि यह शत प्रतिशत नरसंहार है, गैर-कश्मीरियों की यह भीषण हत्या बिल्कुल अमानवीय है और यह आतंकियों की बौखलाहट को दर्शाता है।

सीपीआई के नेता मोहम्मद युसूफ तारिगामी का कहना है कि भोले भाले मजदूरों की हत्या एक जघन्य अपराध है, सिर्फ निंदा करना काफी नहीं है, ऐसे समय में सभी को एकजुट होकर इस तरह के अपराध के खिलाफ आवाज उठानी चाहिए और आतंकियों को कड़ी सजा देनी चाहिए।

जम्मू कश्मीर की लेफ्टनेंट गवर्न मनोज सिन्हा ने कहा है की निर्दोषों के खून का बदला इन आतंकियों से लिया जायेगा, कश्मीर की शांति को भंग करने कि कोशिश की जा रही है, लोगों को आगे बढ़ने से रोका जा रहा है, कश्मीर के विकास को रोकने की साजिश हो रही है मगर हम ऐसा नहीं होने देंगे। मनोज सिन्हा ने अपने रेडियो कार्यक्रम ‘आवाम की आवाज’ में कहा “आतंकी हमले में मारे गए के लिए मैं शोक व्यक्त करता हूं, हम सभी लोग आपके साथ हैं और आतंकियों से हार एक हत्या का पूरा बदला लिया जायेगा यह मेरा वादा है”।

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Ram Mandir Opening For “Darshan” In 2023



Ram Mandir Opening 2023 | News Aur Chai

The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is expected to allow visitors by December 2023, with the completion of construction only in 2025.

Sources in the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra have revealed that the colossal project of building the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, will be opening for devotees towards the end of 2023. In contrast, the project’s entire construction completion is expected towards the end of 2025. The sanctum sanctorum (Garbha Griha), along with the mandir’s first floor, will be ready by December 2023. Devotees will be allowed to visit the long-awaited mandir soon after the construction is completed.

An ANI report said, “The grand Ram Mandir being constructed in Ayodhya will be opened for devotees from December 2023. Sources told ANI that Garbhagriha, all five mandaps and the first floor will be ready by December 2023 and the mandir will be opened for devotees”.

The sanctum sanctorum will be as high as 161 feet and built using Rajasthani marble and stones. Engineers and architects are taking all measures to ensure the longevity of this enormous project. The second stage of construction is expected to begin in December this year. Currently, the structure is at a standstill as a result of monsoons. Another reason for the delay is the coronavirus pandemic that depleted the force with which the mandir’s construction was expected to go on.

The announcement of the mandir being opened to visitors in 2023 has brought up questions about the political agenda. It is believed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) aims to use the mandir to catapult themselves into a position of advantage during the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Opening the mandir to devotees in December 2023 will give the BJP an easy 6-month gap to the general elections in 2024.

The opening of the long-awaited Ram Mandir in Ayodhya could be the factor that diverts the public, at least the Hindu’s in favour of BJP. Thus, securing them a vote bank based on religious sentiments upheld by the party in their previous tenure as the ruling party.

The Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir will be 360 feet long, 235 feet wide, and 20 feet high mandir will be completely ready by the end of 2025. The project will include amenities and structures like museums, archives, research centre, Sant Niwas, gau and Yagya shala, Etc. The main attraction is the Ram Mandir.

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How SEBI’s New Margin Rule Is Affecting Retail Traders?



SEBI Margin Rule | News Aur Chai

Securities and Exchange Board of India has introduced new margin rules for traders. Traders and Brokers are not happy with the new regulations because they will have to invest a large amount of cash in fulfilling margin requirements for trade.

SEBI had introduced the new margin rule in the year 2020 for intraday traders. It is being implemented in a phased manner. Traders were supposed to maintain 25 per cent of the peak margin in the first phase; the margin was raised by 50 per cent in the second phase. In the third phase, as per the new margin rule, intraday traders will have to pay a 100 per cent upfront margin. According to new norms, the margin requirements will be calculated four times during every trading session because the money margin must be greater than the need.

As per the new rule, brokers must collect margin from investors for any purchase or sale, and if they fail to do so, they will have to pay the penalty. Thus, brokers will not receive power of attorney. Brokers cannot use power of attorney for pledging anymore.

Those investors who want to make use of margin will have to create margin pledges separately. As per the new rule, investors will have to pay at least a 30 per cent margin upfront to avail a margin loan. Shares brought today cannot be sold tomorrow. Funds from shares sold today cannot be used for new trades on the same day.

The market experts said that there must be proper adjustments for implementing new rules, or it may create chaos, trouble and disturbance to the market participants. The CEO and founder of Zerodha broking firm, Nithin Kamath tweeted that, “the day when the new rules came into effect was the dreaded day for brokers, exchanges, intraday traders”.

Traders Are Not Happy:

Changes in rules have evoked strong reactions from traders because they will have to invest a large amount of cash in fulfilling margin requirements for trades as per new margin rules. Even the trading in futures and options will become more expensive. Traders are disappointed because they will have to pay up more money to bet in stock markets. As per new margin rules, Traders are also liable for the penalty if the rules are not followed during the trading session. If a trader wants to buy Nifty worth Rs 10 lakh, he will have to pay a 20 per cent margin of around 2 lakh. If the margin of the trader does not meet the need, he will be penalized. Traders will have to pay the minimum amount for opening the Multilateral Trading facility account, and they have to maintain a minor balance at all times.

Why Gas SEBI Introduced A New Margin Rule?

SEBI has introduced new rules to protect retail investors from purchasing difficulty. The intended goal of SEBI behind new margin rules is to bring down the difficult market situation and avoid huge fluctuation in stock markets during extreme stress. The new margin rules are likely to bring transparency to the market; it is expected to strengthen the market’s safety.

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