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FACEBOOK: Will It Be Able To Maintain Its Charm?

Social Media platforms are truly an addiction these days! Can you think of not using your Facebook for a few days or your WhatsApp or even your Instagram? Well, I know it’s a difficult question. What amazed me in today’s world was that a friend of mine is not active on infectious social media platforms. Neither on Facebook nor on WhatsApp. I asked her how she is surviving in this world without these two, and she shocked me with her answer. She said,” I don’t like these two at all”. For me, it was like a child saying no to a chocolate cake.

Is the craze of Facebook decreasing? Maybe!

Remember the craze of Orkut which was launched in 2004. Every student wanted to be on Orkut. That was an era when people were crazy about putting up photos, especially the profile pictures, unlike today, when we are in the age of selfies. I remember our teachers telling us to stop wasting time on Orkut when we used to get deviated from our studies. That is the story of every social media site. However, the story of Orkut came to an end soon in 2014. Initially, Orkut was doing well. I used to find Facebook a little complex than Orkut at that time.

Though, now when the story of Orkut came to an end, there are questions like, “Will Facebook end up like Orkut?” It depends on various factors. To understand this, we need to learn why Orkut ended? Orkut had structural issues like slow speed, sophisticated features, privacy issues. It also had strategic issues like time-consuming upgrades, non- business-friendly and more. The Emergence of Facebook with better features also attracted people towards it, and slowly people started deviating from Orkut.

All good things come to an end, and so can be Facebook. But it’s hard to say if it can end like Orkut. It is noted that people have started making a move towards WhatsApp chat groups. Moreover, a move from games like Farmville on Facebook to Candy Crush, PubG and whatnot. People have definitely started tilting towards Instagram and WhatApp, which are like siblings of Facebook.

We cannot deny the fact that Facebook keeps updating itself, keeping in mind its users. Like now, you can share your WhatsApp story on Facebook. It is also a business-friendly platform, which we cannot deny. It is God for startups in the realm of advertisements. Its features like these are making it a winning horse in the race of social media platforms. If Facebook ends, which is pretty tricky, it will need a more robust site like it is at the moment to defeat it.

In a nutshell, every social media platform has its own pros and cons, but Facebook’s advantages are way ahead of its drawbacks. Facebook has learned from its mistakes, such as privacy related questions has been raised in the past. Nevertheless, Facebook has worked upon these matters, and Mark Zuckerberg has rightly emphasized confidentiality. He mentioned recently about his belief in a privacy-focused communication platform. He also stated that Facebook would increasingly shift its focus away from public posts to encrypted, ephemeral communications on its trio of messaging apps. He understands the need of the hour, which makes Facebook evolving in nature. Rest depends on how well it will be managed in the near future. Will it be able to maintain its charm? What do you think?

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