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Ripu Daman: An Inspiring Plogger Of India

Have you heard of the term ‘plogging’ before? No, it’s okay, even I got to know about this term a few days back after I read an inspiring article of a young Indian plogger. Ripu Daman is now an inspiring plogger for millions of millennials in India.

Now, What is Plogging?

It’s basically a recreational activity that was originated in Sweden back in 2016, by Erik Ahlström, a ski and running enthusiast. It is a combination of jogging along with picking up litter. It has become a fitness trend world wide wherein you improve your health along with your surrounding. What more can be better than this? Right…

Nowadays, we see a lot of article about so-called environmentalists who the media glorify about. Well, there are yet another set of people who want to make a difference rather than publicise those. They are genuinely worried about the environment and the changing climate condition.

Journey of Ripu

Ripu Daman is one such personality, who has been doing his part for saving this world. Unfortunately, media never noticed this young Indian’s effort until our PM commented on him. Had it not our PM Narendra Modi mentioned about this young man in his “Man Ki Baat” radio programme, he would have been left unnoticed forever.

Mr Daman is a marathon runner and the founder of ‘Ploggers of India‘. The main aim of the body is to build a community “with a mission to make India litter free“.

In a report, he stated that he started the movement called ‘Ploggers of India’ a couple of years back, wherein they wanted to clean up other people’s litter the coolest thing to do in India. He also mentioned that over the last couple of years they have organised & supported more than 300 plogging drives all over India.

He added that he is on a mission to make India litter free and he hopes to run across 50 cities of India with this mission.

Mr Daman is current on ‘plastic upvas‘ wherein he is not consuming anything which is wrapped in single-use plastic — Maggi, Chips, biscuits and more.

He further commented that “It is wonderful that Prime Minister Modi has reached out and supported the mission because that is what we want and now more people will take this pledge to keep our country litter-free,”.

We need people like him, who are more than just media and publicity. Millennials should get inspired by such people so that we can have a better tomorrow.

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