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Cell Phone: Addiction of Digital Generation

What comes to our mind on hearing the word Cell Phone? Uh, maybe life…

You may not be bothered, but yeah this is the truth. My next question is, What do we understand by education? Probably obtaining such knowledge that gives you a basic understanding of things, and that helps you distinguish between right and wrong.

So according to me, a cell phone fits nowhere in this definition. Does it give us knowledge? You might want to say yes, but the fact is it just provides us with content and information. However, knowledge and information are two completely different things. So, the understanding of the word, right or wrong, are nowhere in the picture.

Prima facie a cell phone may seem to help you to deal with a lot of things. For instance, it comes with a calculator, calendar, millions of apps and whatnot, wherein you can research about anything under the sun. It assists you in your assignments, home works and projects. It may seem to minimise the need of a teacher and other helping aids. However, here come the ill effects.

It gives you information, but it does not and cannot tell you how to use that information. It may provide you with material for your assignments, but it does not tell you how authentic is the data. It may minimise the need for a teacher, but it can never replace a teacher. No matter what, it can never teach you moral values, neither imbibe culture or principles that give you your identity.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. Also, this flame cannot be kindled if everything is spoon-fed, and the person loses his own ability to think. It can be done only when he is given his own space, and he uses his capabilities and intelligence in developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, acquiring general or particular knowledge and skills, and developing oneself or others to lead an intellectually more mature life.

Nowadays, every child is found with a smartphone. It has become an addiction, and as we all know an overindulgence of anything even something as pure as water can be intoxicating.

In the name of learning, they may be doing things they should not. Children may encounter material which they may find upsetting or material that their parents consider not age-appropriate.

Another flaw that I would want to point out is that such gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity. We refuse to use our minds or put any efforts for any of the tasks. When we get everything available on our fingertips, why would we even want to? However, this ruins our abilities permanently and leaves us not physically not mentally but rationally disabled.

Cell phones are useful when used as an aid, but when used as if your life depends on it, congratulations you have fallen into the trap.

I would like to ask a straightforward question, as per everyone cell phones an educational tools, right? So, didn’t it tell you how harmful the rays are and how much can they affect your health when you keep the phones near you for all-day-long?

Let me remind you “Life is what happens when your cell phone is charging.” Think about it.


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