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The Journey of Media From Black & White To Grey

Before the 20th century strikes the country’s calendar, the DD (Doordarshan) reporters conveyed the political affairs 24X7 in the black and white channel. The subtle and straightforward dress code has now transformed into high profile and highly paid reporter attiring french tailored suits in coloured media channels.

We all are familiar with the dark side of this field. We all know that in the 21st century, most of the journalists except a few are broadcasting the paid news regardless of how smartly they try to be diplomatic on the live television. The whole credit goes to the Indian spectators. The viewers of the 21st century are intelligent spectators; they can easily predict who is trying to mould the news and who is trying to be biased. Nowadays, the young generation has stopped being dependent on television and newspapers for current affairs. The reason they give is that the media, as of now, is more concerned about gaining publicity rather than creating some positive impact on society.

The channels are not up to the viewer’s expectation. Since 1950, 69 years have passed, and until now, the news channels have not succeeded in gaining their audience’s trust. Even I also do not know the exact reason. We can blame corruption and money hoarders, but will it be possible without corrupt politicians and businesspersons?

Will it be accomplished without the hoarders’ acceptance? We all know the answer!

Therefore, the next question that arises, how they can seek the viewer’s attention and trust. Please note one thing that gaining trust does not signify achieving unparalleled TRP. However, being a successful news channel indicates the freedom to disclose the factors which are supposed to be put in front of every citizen. Everyone has the right to know from where the political parties get their fund. Every citizen of India has the authority to know the exact detail of the taxes we are paying.

So I insist you all, please do not stop asking questions, always raise your point, let the debate remain open in the country, put your argument, do not hesitate to clear your doubts. You all must understand that the country is yours and you should exercise your duty of right to speak and express very dedicatedly and firmly.

I just put this query, because I generally compare the way of displaying the news between social network and television. The best example is YouTube. Nowadays our country has more internet users than TV as a source of news and current affairs.

I personally feel it’s a waste of time to watch one news continuously for five days on television, where they gather 4/5 people to put their opinion. I mean, what is the use? Why you want the debates among those people in the live show. Okay fine you want to debate and know the opinion of experts, politicians, but tell me does it cease to any conclusion? Is there any results and outcome from their debates? So why they all are wasting their and viewers time.

Why we all hesitate on taking initiation for presenting or opening the debates or discussion for very unusual topics?

Why we think a lot before putting our conception or perception on topics encompassing the following:

  1. The killing of the girl child through female foeticide
  2. Importance of education
  3. Land acquisition
  4. Misuse of reservation

Let me tell you these are just very few questions which never make it to the media channels.

In this context, I would blame all of us; we all are the culprits. More than 70 years have passed until now we got independence from Britishers, but we are still caged by our midset. I must say our independence is not ample enough to discuss every topic at least with our parents.

The best example that amused me was when I got to know that the women of our families are not allowed in the kitchen and temples during the time of periods, as they are considered impure during those days. Please explain to me that the person who gives birth to life on earth how she can be impure? What does impure word signify? That is a natural process, part of who women are. Do we really have the authority to alleged someone on his/her purity of being who they are? Think about it, guys. Our society is not dumb; we are intelligent and open mind people. However, the point to give a thought is, do we really apply this ‘Open Mind’ thing in a real-life situation?

Most of us still believe in untouchability! Isn’t it?

Why our television is not covering this news? It is merely because we are not willing to discuss these topics. In an Indian family, it takes a lot of guts to tell your parents about your dream or even consider it. You can imagine how difficult it is to talk about sex, women empowerment, even for that matter about periods among your family members.

Why are we debating about the beef ban? It is a blunt fact that we have no power to force someone to remove that particular food from his or her meal. Then why are we even debating and dividing ourselves? Why are we raising disputes among the citizen of our country? Why are we analysing on beef ban decision? Are the other main concerns over? If YES, it means we have accomplished all our goals, Right? Have we overcome all our growth obstacle? Then I must say India should be counted among developed countries rather than in the list of developing countries.

The truth is that we are still searching for ways to curb poverty, to declare the importance of education of female and to eradicate the concept of untouchability. Think about these important aspects as they all are affecting our lives in some or other way, and we cannot deny their impact on our lives.

Today’s media houses do not bring out the truth; they are behind TRP and biased towards parties for their benefits. They don’t speak about such evil practices which are still followed in our country. So who should we trust? The politicians are accused of multiple crimes; the media is not doing their duty, money laundry, economic slowdown, rape cases and whatnot.

We, all are the people who purchase a newspaper, who read magazines and watch television so you should define the way of journalism, not the journalist.

Time has come up young Indians voice out and show the government, the system, the media and every other person /system that is biased and corrupt what has to be done and even how it has to be done.


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