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Mobile Phones, More Important Than Mom!

Mobile phones have become an irreplaceable part of our lives today. We can not perform a single task without the help of the mobile. Moreover, it seems that in this modern era, there is no age bar for use. Even the newborn kids are using the phone as if they have known to operate it since ages.

As soon as a child is born, the parents today give mobile phones to play with or to keep them busy so that they can do their work peacefully. In the age when they should be playing with the toys, learn various things from the surrounding all they do is use the phone. They are not taken out for rides, not to the gardens but are restricted behind the four walls of the house.

All this makes them so addicted to using the mobiles that they want it with them for the entire day. The situation is such that they might not cry on getting hurt, but they would definitely cry if you take the mobile away from their hands. At the age of listening stories from parents and grandparents, they see the videos on YouTube.

The kids are deemed to be closest to their mothers and want them to be always around. However, this now seems to be turning into a myth, where they cry more if you take their phones away instead of their moms. Also, today’s moms who are also very busy take this as a positive sign and let them use it for as long as they want to.

Centuries might pass by, but values imbibed from parents, grandparent and elders in childhood are essential. At the age of 1, a kid should do what an old year kid does. In this phase of growth, learning, exploring and most importantly enjoying the childhood is essential. Because ones it is gone will never come back.

However, the parents are either ignorant about negative aspects or are too busy to care about the same. They seem to neglect the health issues it can cause; damage to the eyes, to their thinking abilities, are some of them. It restrains a kid from being curious; the urge to know more, his social life becomes nill. Phone become their friend, and that shuts the door to the open-world outside. In the end, you wouldn’t be able to blame anybody if the kids turn to be immoral or materialistic in their future.

Parent, life is not all about being busy. It is about living each moment to its best. Your forefathers have lead life without these phones. You have grown up enjoying your childhood. Don’t take away your child’s best phase of life “Childhood.”


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