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She Dreams Her Painting And Then She Paints Her Dream

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Trishla Mishra, a distinguished painter. Trishla has been creating art since a very young age and is now a full-time artist and art instructor. Like many young artists, she originally started out drawing, but she completely changed her field by studying BA in political Science, further Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality,along with MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management. But as she says drawing was never withdrawn from her, she passionately followed her hobby which is now her profession!

Ms. Trishla Mishra

On asking how she got involved with Art, this was her answer, “ I was weak in studies and bad with communication skills, drawing was the only place  where I found solace. Somehow it was my way out of these problems I faced on day to day basis.”

pic 1

Currently Trishla’s work includes sketches, wall effects, contemporary paintings and beautiful poems. While Working she realized that she was a misfit in her job and the only place where she could express herself best was through her paintings. Trishla draws lot of inspiration for her paintings from Lord Shiva.

pic 2

Her message to people is “Just for other’s happiness don’t follow a path, make your own path. And I believe there is a hidden artist in every child. Just stay connected to your roots always.”

I wish her all the best in her endeavour and I hope you continue making more such beautiful paintings! Do contact Trishla if you like her work . Contact details :- +91 9999664413

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