GoAir revised the cancellation charges again

As per the recent news, GoAir has revised the cancellation charges. The airline has emailed the details to its registered customers and also posted on its website. As per the new terms, no refund will be provided for the flight tickets cancelled 0-2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. An amount of INR 2,250 will be deducted from the booking amount if the tickets are cancelled 2-48 hours prior to the departure. However, the cancellation amount remains the same for tickets cancelled from 48 hours -7 days from the scheduled departure. Similarly, the amount of 1,900 will be taken as fine if the tickets are cancelled for 7 days to 30 days. And the cancellation amount remains the same even 30days or more that is 1,900. The new terms will be applicable from 9th March, 2016.
goairSo we advise you to book tickets as per the plan because these terms are really annoying for passengers who are looking for cheap tickets and in the case of any emergency remember the big companies are not here to make your life peaceful.

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