Indian values + Westernisation = Disaster

“Modernization”. What is it basically? Adapting western culture? Advancing? Well, according to the ‘y’ generation, it is accepting different culture, or may be CHANGE.

Change is the rule of life. Life is all about change. The reason being why we Indians want to accept the western culture is because of the change that we need to see in our lives.

But with this change, or with this advancement to keep up with the pace of the ongoing generation we still need to preserve our Indian culture, which, unfortunately, is reducing.

We Indians are baboons. Do you know baboons? Baboon: A type of animal who copies very quickly. Britishers used to call Indians, baboons i.e. “cheater cocks”. Instead of following our own Indian culture we are following the western culture.02

India has a unique culture which is famous worldwide. Foreigners are attracted towards our nation because of it’s divine culture. But this culture is slowly losing its essence. Because we Indians are more attracted to the western culture. We are advancing with the generation by accepting the modern culture very easily. I know we are advancing ahead as it is the 21st century to keep up the pace, but still we need to preserve our very own Indian culture.


People are being over modern these days. They just blindly want to follow the western culture. In my opinion, they should make different countries follow our Indian culture. India is losing its cultural essence as we Indians are not interested in our own culture. And to make people follow your culture, you need to be confident and comfortable in your own culture.

The traditional food, the classical music, the ethnic attires, sarees, suits, lehengas etc. everything in India has it’s unique flavour, it’s unique ethnicity, it’s unique essence which is incomparable to any other culture.03

Being modern is okay, there is no problem with the change. Change is good. But being overly modern and following the western culture blindly is not okay. By adapting western culture, there will always be a threat of losing our own identity.

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