“Self-conscience Is The Ultimate Supreme Court”

Human beings are blessed with some qualities which can help them to lead and live a peaceful and happy life. As we all know that life is full of ups and downs, these qualities can help to direct a person in times of decadence. One of these qualities is self-conscience.

What is self-conscience?

It is the ability of an individual to differentiate between right and wrong on moral ground. It is basically the quality that helps to guide one’s behaviour.

If we ever think about the fact that from where do things get originate? Like what caused Einstein and Newton to discover the various important phenomenon of physics? Why do some people commit the crime, and why not others? We will come to realise that it’s the human MIND that shaped everything that exists in this world and that’s the root from where things and ideas get originated. Different individuals relate and perceive things differently.

If someone asks me, what’s the ultimate and powerful weapon in this world, I would say MIND. It’s the mind that was there behind great inventions and discoveries like a missile, satellite and many more.

Imagine what would have happened if people could judge and make their decisions right. Wouldn’t this world become a perfect and secure place to be, where there would be no place for crimes like rape, murder and robbery?

That’s where our self-conscience come to play. It might sound ideal, and it is definitely something that exists within our mind. However, if an idea like this can originate and live in our mind, then they can also be turned into reality because the mind is the ultimate power.

We have often heard that if we keep on thinking about something, we actually start to sense it irrespective of its actual existence, that’s the power of the mind. It can make us feel something that doesn’t even exist!

Underestimating its power and importance to create this world a better place is not at all smart thing to do. Criminals are not mentally healthy; there is some abnormality which exists at their mental level. In fact, they are criminals because these type of people lack certain virtues that an ordinary person possess. If people could cultivate self-conscience within, then they would be able to take a smart and correct decision.

Our judicial system is not effective in terms of solving cases quickly. A person has to loiter around the court for years to get justice and their right. Shockingly there are thousands of cases which are pending in our courts for years. Can we help it?

Actually to some extent, every individual can help by choosing and taking morally and legally right decision; we can reduce these number to a significant level.

Our government should really work on issues like this, where they can organise awareness campaigns. They can instruct schools and include this in the education system to help children in cultivating these type of positive virtues. Parents should also try to inculcate these qualities. These children are our futures. Introducing and intensifying these qualities will help and contribute to giving this world a mentally healthy and morally positive youth.

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