Love Has No Age – Proved By Elderly Couple

In this modern world of fake feelings and love stories, where most of the people want is materialistic love and happiness– there are yet some beautiful souls to make us realise the real meaning of love.

During this Durga pooja, two elderly couple from Bengal proved that love has no age. In an era where filtered selfies are a synonym to flaunting their happy-go-lucky life, here is a couple, who indeed takes pictures to freeze their memorable days in frames.

Photos of the couple pandal hopping during Durga Pujas went viral after they were shared on Facebook account by Anjan Banerjee. The picture looks so adorable and loving that you can’t move ahead without posting a comment/like.

The older man was seen in typical Bengali attire–dhoti-kurta, while his loving wife was draped in saree. The images show that the couple was roaming around the pandal, enjoying the festive mode while holding each other’s hands. They didn’t forget to capture this loving moment in a selfie. The best/the cuter side of this is a sheer fact that the couple was photographed while taking a selfie in front of the pandal.

Mr.Anjan wrote in the captioned of the post in Bengali that the couple’s daughter lives abroad and could not make it for the Durga Puja. “Love has no age limit. Only two souls who want to keep each other look good and happy,” an excerpt from Anjan’s post in Bengali reads.

Such a heartwarming picture can make anyone’s day bright, happy and restore their faith in evergreen love.

The social media is now in love with this elderly couple and made the image go viral with more than 9,000 likes and shared the same around 6,000 times. Netizens have filled the comment box with heart emoticons and sweet comments. It is rightly said, ” Love has no age, no limit and no death.”

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