Are You Really Happy?

We live in a world where negativity is trying to take over happiness. With the help of social media, everyone is trying to portray himself/ herself as best by either putting up the best of his/her moments of life or by glorifying his/her routine as exceptional with the help of social media tools. People are trying to create a veil over reality and heading towards showcasing themselves as a part of a hunky-dory world. However, are you really happy or the idea of showcasing yourself better than others makes you happy? Well, surely there are better ways to rise above the insecurity and be really happy. I will be grateful if I can inspire the readers to be happy today.

Do you have a Wishlist?

How many of us have Wishlists? Most of us Is’nt it? Some have handwritten, some have as notes in their Smart Phones, and some have sharp minds to save it in their memory. Wishlists are so good to look at or think about. It has all the places we want to go, the things we wish to buy one day, the targets we want to achieve in office, schools or in our lives. But what about the checkboxes? When you achieve something, we celebrate. Do we go back to the list and mark a tick on the achievement? No, not really. Do we make a list of things which we have already achieved or things which we are grateful for?

Ladies and gentlemen, here, I am trying to deviate you from the wishlist to the list of things we are grateful for. A list where we can write down the things we are thankful for. A list of positivity, a list to balance your life, a list to pause you and be grateful for everyday achievements because gratitude is not a feeling, it is a state of mind that can be developed and that allows us to tap into a reservoir of unlimited positive energy. We need to develop that.

If everyday before going to bed, you can mention one thing to yourself that you are grateful for, which happened to you during the course of the day, you are already successful. Someone has rightly said that “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Let me tell give you an example of one of the most underrated gifts you should be grateful of and which you happen to take for granted; such as eyesight–being able to see this beautiful world and people, place and things around you itself is a great feeling. Many in this world are not able to enjoy it to the fullest. For that matter, take any sense organs or any body parts or anything that makes your life easy. Don’t you think that you should be grateful to be born with/to have during the course of your life these simple yet most valuable things? Be privileged and happy as many don’t have.

In a nutshell, the key to happiness is gratitude. Happiness is not something which our future holds. It is present in our everyday tasks such as being able to enjoy the delicious meal you got for lunch, taking your pet for a walk, or a smile on your two years old child’s face and more. It’s us who usually ignore the small happy moments and move on waiting for something big to happen. Start making your list of things you are grateful for — a Gratitude list. Do let me know how well it works for your happiness levels. 

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