Everything comes with its own pros and cons. What are the advantages of being a part of this generation? We are blessed to be born in a generation with modern technology which helps us to lead a comfortable life. Machines have replaced most of the labour work of human and have increased efficiency in many folds. Millennials at present have less labour work when compared to previous generations.

What are the Cons of being part of this generation?

Millennials have been stimulated mentally on different levels by different aspects and sections of society. Talking about those various aspects, one of them is the negative influence of social networking sites.

It’s apparent that we enjoy and like to share our lives on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, the point to note here is that we do it only on these virtual platforms which hardly holds any connection with the reality. The problem starts when we start comparing the difficulties and sadness of our lives with the successful and happening life of others on the social platform. However, the reality lies in the fact that most of the people use these platforms to showcase their fake happening life. Our mind believes that everything is wrong only with our life. We need to understand that these platforms are not at all authentic and genuine when it comes to portraying reality. Everyone shows what others want us to believe about them. This negative influence of social platforms has contributed significantly in making millennials weak mentally.

We have often heard our elders, talking about this generation in a bit offensive tone. They compare this time and generation with theirs.

What’s so disappointing about millennials?

Millennials are mentally weak due to peer pressure and the negative influence of comparison and many other reasons. However, this fact does not make them irresponsible in any sense. Being mentally weak and being irresponsible are two different things.

Contrarily, a significant section of the millennials is entirely responsible towards their jobs and duties. They are handling family and work simultaneously, but due to some miscreants, this whole generation is blamed.

“Everything starts in mind, and it ends in mind”.
So basically our psychology and way of thinking play a vital role to show what kind of person are we. Thinking process of some people works in such a degrading manner that they end up putting themselves in big problems by taking a drastic step out of panic, anger, frustration and whatnot.

There are two types of people, Optimistic and pessimistic. There is no shade of any other in between. When optimist fails or gets tired of life, they motivate themselves and tries to find opportunity and hope of success.

However, a pessimist gives up on life and commits suicide! Surprisingly it’s true, as their thinking process always works negatively, they are greatly influenced by negative aspects of a thing. A mere failure means the end of everything, every hope, every opportunity and hence, it is the end of life for them. When these type of persons have to face rejection of something like that of love, they either end up their lives, or they kill the one who rejected them.

It is disheartening to note that, acid attacks other criminal cases have been increasing and shockingly a large number of girls are becoming the victims.

Studies show that most acid attacks occur out of revenge– Revenge for not accepting someone’s love, for rejecting someone’s proposal. Even after so much of education and awareness people tend towards such kind of ideas, why? They are not healthy, or we can say that they are mentally weak to handle such situations.

Their psychology works in a way that they don’t hold any fear of law, consequences and society. The word HUMANITY has lost its meaning in this modern world.

These type of people are ‘STAINS’ have been in our society not just in this generation, but the generations before as well. Just that, currently it has become more visible.

Yes, the current generation is weak mentally. However, blaming them for everything is not a solution/somewhat not correct. The lifestyle of people have changed a lot, and that has a considerable role in play in this. We need mentally healthy young people for the future. For the same, we need to be compassionate towards others.

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