‘MANN BAIRAGI’, A Short Film On Modi

On the 69th birthday of PM Narendra Modi, the first look of an upcoming short feature film on him titled as ‘Mann Bairagi’ was revealed. The film is directed by Sanjay Tripathy, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali and produced by Mahavir Jain in collaboration. The movie will be released during winter this year.

Megastars like Prabhas and Akshay Kumar shared the poster of the same by congratulating PM Modi. Prabhas quoted in his post, “A special film on a special person by a special filmmaker on this special day, Happy Birthday Narendra Modi Sir.”


A movie about the Life journey of PM Modi had been made before like ‘PM Narendra Modi’ starring Vivek Oberoi as Modi, a TV mini-series called as ‘Modi: Journey of a Common Man’ and more.

Mann Bairagi termed as an ‘untold story’ is expected to make the audience travel along with the journey of the Prime Minister from his days as a young boy, and how he managed and grew up to fight against the odds and overcome all the hurdles that came in his way before and after becoming PM.

The point to look forward is what image this movie will add on to the already shining star PM Modi. As the whole nation celebrated Modi’s birthday in different ways, some went to the extent of cutting cakes of different heights and weights in his name, some worshipped god, some donated amount and he himself celebrated his birthday with family and butterflies. Let the excitement be on its peak to see what Bhansali, the prudent director, brings in this short movie.

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