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Lungs Of Earth Are In Danger


Earth has been suffering badly due to the cruel doing of human beings. Nations and their citizens are developing and succeeding in various sectors of practical life. However, we have forgotten the fact that we are growing and thriving only because of the natural resources we get free of cost to exploit; despite knowing the fact that these resources are essential for our future as well.

Forest are the lungs of Earth

AMAZON is known as lungs of Earth,
AAREY is known as lungs of Mumbai,
Every single tree on this planet is lungs for us and our nature. These trees absorb the carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles and industries and releases oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. Absorption of carbon dioxide helps in decreasing the pace of global warming. Therefore these trees play a significant role in maintaining climate stability. Oxygen is an essential element that is needed for humans to survive; without this, no life can exist on Earth. Despite knowing its value, humans are going on the way to damage and lose it.


Various incidents have taken place in the past, which have revealed the cruelty of human beings. Let’s put some light on them,


Reason for Amazon fire has been attributed to various factors which stand on environmental, economic and political grounds.

Speaking about the environmental ground, deforestation is one of the most critical aspects that paves the way for damage and destruction of the ecosystem. Hundreds and thousands of plants and animal species lost their lives and paid the price for the brutal acts of humans by facing the consequences.

Some of the species got extinct in this flame without even getting discovered, ‘ NATURE’S LIBRARY OF VITAL INFORMATION GOT DESTRUCTED BEFORE BEING EXPLORED’.


Recently, lots of protests have taken place against the decision of the government to cut down around 2,700 trees to make way for the car shed under the project of Mumbai Metro Rail Cooperation (MMRC).

Protest intensified when Mumbai Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis justified and supported the developmental cause at the cost of losing those trees. The protest is still going on and has compelled the government to look for an alternative way of development without damaging the Aarey.


This forest stretched between Andra Pradesh and Telangana, is a rich source of biodiversity where many rare species are present. Not only this but Nallamala is home for many tribal communities.

Scientists and researchers from AMD (Atomic Mineral Directorate) were on the task to explore and mine uranium in this forest. This lead to a protest from the people living in and nearby the forest. They were afraid of lose their home and their forest for uranium mining.

Due to the protest, the legislative assembly of Telangana has recently passed the resolution which doesn’t allow the centre for uranium mining in Nallamala.

What are the causes of exploitation? 

The possible reasons for such doings can be political, social and economic which push humans to do such cruel acts. Due to increasing competition, each country is trying to be at their best on the economic ground.

These countries to increase the primary production, clear the forest; in many ways, such as slash and burn agriculture, shifting cultivation, and more. Deforestation is one of the primary cause of global warming. People living near the forest cut down trees either to meet their basic requirements or to create shelter for themselves. Not only this, many developmental projects, like metro, manufacturing, mining and logging, have equally contributed to the process of deforestation.


  1. Sustainable development is the key to survive in the present scenario. One should adopt those options that aid in development without exploiting or damaging natural resources.
  2. Choose renewable resources over a non-renewable one.

This is just a reflection of the ill deeds of humans; if it is not stopped now, one-day humans will die without oxygen and yearn for the resources that they once exploited.


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