Zomato Has Added Something New To Its Menu

The word Zomato reminds us of nothing but the most delicious food and the variety of delicacies around the world. However, can you think of Zomato doing something out of the box? Can you imagine Zomato’s expansion and its opening in other realms? Well, now you have to consider as Zomato has started running the race along with Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVF Play and more.

It has opened its wings to the world of entertainment, and the world of television. It has recently joined web streaming war with its original content launched as, ‘Zomato Originals’. On 16th September 2019, it came up with 18 original shows which are available on Zomato App. All you need to do is to click on the new ‘Videos’ tab on the app. The duration of the episodes is ranging from 3 to 15 minutes.


What is on the Menu?

You will be amazed to know that all the Zomato Originals shows are centred around food. Yet, they are not restricted to the old recipe shows. It has formats like comedy, reality, fiction, advice and celebrity interviews. Some of the shows it is streaming are like Food and You with Sanjeev Kapoor; a three- minute daily show that breaks the myth and changes the way you think about food and your body. Banake Dikha with standup comic Sumukhi Suresh, Starry meals with Janice where social media star Janice Sequeira takes a romp across some famous Bollywood kitchens among others.

Zomato is continuously looking for new ways to engage its users around food as mentioned by Deepinder Goyal, CEO and founder of Zomato. As most of its users visit the app several times a week, Zomato Originals is allowing them to enhance its user’s experience and offer their users something more to watch.

The Competition

With this new initiative, Zomato is going to give a fierce competition to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Is it true? People are debating over this, as Zomato Originals is centred around food, unlike other platforms which don’t follow a particular theme. Zomato is trying to mix food with comedy, fiction and drama. However, it is just the beginning; if this formula works well shortly, there is a possibility that it can give competition to Netflix and Amazon Prime. The rest depends on what people want on their menu.

In short, Zomato is offering an excellent menu to eat and stream. I think it has done a commendable job because of the combination it is offering. After all, nothing can beat good food with an enjoyable show to watch. However, the question now is how successful this combination is going to be? Let us wait and watch what else it will offer in its menu to stay in the race with Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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