Launch of iPhone 11 – Features Expected, Retained and Price

We are nearly a month away from the biggest smartphone launch of 2019. Yes, there is a rumour that Apple is likely to launch a new version of the iPhone. Guess what? This time we will be provided with not one but three versions. The launch is assumed to be on September 10 looking into the patter followed for previous models.

Well, with Galaxy 10 and Pixel 4 thriving in the market, iPhone seems to have found rooms for improvisation. With the rumours of the launch come questions about the features and specifications. Will it be merely an improvisation? Chance of any new features? Which all features are likely to be retained?

Features expected to be included:

  1. iPhone 11 most likely will have a radically wholly different square-shaped rear camera within a familiar-looking design. One of the prevalent rumour is that the latest version will have a triple camera array. The cameras would provide advanced 3D sensing and use stereoscopic vision. It is also rumoured to improve the iPhone’s augmented-reality capabilities. Current iPhone cameras are not best when compare to others in the market.
  2. Besides the camera, a significant increase in battery life and the reverse wireless charging feature praised by Samsung and Huawei are likely to be in the new iPhone. Only Apple’s version may be able to charge a friend’s iPhone or your Apple Watch wirelessly.
  3. The latest version is rumoured to run using Apple’s latest iOS software.
  4. According to Wall Street Journal reports, Apple’s flagship 2019 lineup will feature three models, including 2 OLED and 1 LCD variant.
  5. Apple will increase the RAM capacity to minimum 4GB RAM. Though Apple never officially discloses the amount of RAM included in iPhones. It did not dispute the RAM capacity of assorted iPhone models as claimed by iFixit.

Features assumed to be retained:

  1. The 2019 iPhones are not discarding Lightning port. Several rumours were indicating at the arrival of USB Type-C port. However, recent reports claim that Apple may stick with the Lightning port.
  2. There may be slight variation in the front design of iPhones. The minor change will be in the form of a camera set up. The latest version is likely to keep the same screen size including the notch, curves on the sides, button placement and design as per the leaks.
  3. FaceID tech is anticipated to be retained. There might not be an in-display fingerprint sensor in the new model.
  4. The selfie camera will also be maintained as per the latest generation but with few added features and specifications.

The price of Apple iPhone 11 in India is expected to be Rs. 101,990. It is presumed to be available in Black, Gold colour.

It seems like Apple is letting the rumours to be in the air without giving out an official update.

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