Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 6 Things you need to know

It seems weird how Samsung skipped Note 6 entirely and launched the Note 7, but, one look at the phone and you will understand why. Note 7 is bigger, better and more powerful than any other phone available right now. According to it’s over the top specifications it is surely for the power users. And is surely meant to be the next big thing in the phone arena.

1. Specialised Stylus

Considered to be Note 7’s biggest plus point, the new stylus is both stylish and resourceful. It also makes the note distinguishable from Samsung S7 Edge, because both of them have slightly curved sides and edge menus. You can hold the stylus and draw and write literally anywhere.

Source: Australia Network News
Source: Australia Network News

2. One App to rule them all

The edge menu provides one app for all kinds of note making, drawing and writing. You can make notes when the screen is off and pin it. There is a translation shortcut when you are travelling. You can zoom in on online videos and make gifs from it.

3. Iris scan

The most awaited feature, the Iris screen lock, unlocks the phone with your eyes. It even unlocks parts of the phone like private folders.

4. Works like S7 Edge

Note 7 has the same android software, processor, and camera as Samsung s7 and s7 edge. It has changed the way the screen looks which makes it different from other Samsung phones

Source: Pocket Lint
Source: Pocket Lint

5. USB-C Charger

The USB-C is all the rage in the charging world, it provides faster charging. It is the first Samsung phone with usb-c charging port, which can be plugged into the VR Gear too.

6. Water Proof

Yes, it is water proof. The revolution that started with Sony Xperia Z, has reached Samsung. The Note 7 is also available in a cool new Coral blue colour.

The Galaxy Note 7 is expected to release in August- September 2016, and will be offered in Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx.

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