The Story Of 5G Network In India

Human beings have been working continuously on various sectors of practical and technical parts to generate a service which is successful, more developed and perfectly fits in customer’s demand. One of those services is communication; No one can imagine how our life would be without communication. What is the 5G network connection now?

We have been evolved from 2G to 3G, then 3G to 4G, and now 5G. Time has come when things are getting changed again, but every change brings many challenges along with it.

According to some researchers and scientists, the 5G network demands a part of the frequency band which might create problems to weather radars. Most specifically, it is a radio frequency band which is used in communication purpose.

The part of the frequency spectrum which has been targeted to be utilised is also used by weather radars. Due to this type of overlapping, weather information given and detected by these radars would be less accurate; this decrease in the accuracy of the information cannot be predicted.

Some part of these ‘targeted’ frequency band is also used in defence sectors, which creates another set of problems. The solution proposed for this problem by various organisations assumes is that either the higher frequency bands should be utilised, which can rectify the overlapping issue, or to use the available spectrum of bands efficiently.

While researchers are trying to rectify these problems, India, as a country, has some other issues as well to turn into 5G.

  • Firstly, most of the telecom operator companies are finding it difficult and expensive to afford 5G.
  • Secondly, even if it comes to our country, it has to be made economical to its consumers, which is a time-consuming process.

These are not just the only problems; India had to face issues on an international platform as well. After the US banned the Huawei and marked it in the blacklist, China threatened India not to block the operation of Huawei in India, if they do so, then the Indian firm operating in China have to pay the price of this decision and bear the sabotaging consequences.

Trials for installing 5G cellular network in India is still on hold and the decision about whether India allows Chinese telecom equipment maker has not been taken yet.

While the problems are coming one after the other about the related issue, India and other countries are working on economic and scientific issues related to turning this globe into a 5G network. Whether it will be ultimately successful or not, and till when will it be installed entirely all over the world is still not known.

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