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Victory Over Gender Injustice – TRIPLE TALAQ BILL

India witnessed yet another historic moment on Tuesday evening when the contentious bill of TRIPLE TALAQ was passed in Rajya Sabha of the Indian parliament. The bill after being rejected twice by Rajya Sabha led to a moment of criminalising the Triple Talaq. A second massive victory of NDA Government against the opposition embarked the NDA pillar of dominance and power in the nation.

On Wednesday, President Ram Nath Kovind gave his assent to legislation aimed at banning the “Triple Talaq.”


Triple Talaq, also known as talaq-e-biddat, is a form of divorce practised in the Muslim community. Here a Muslim man gets the freedom to legally give divorce to his wife by stating the word Talaq thrice in oral, written, or more recently, electronic form.
The ironical part is that the man needn’t have any specific reason to claim or divorce his spouse. Knowing all the cons of this practice, the Muslim community board never put its concern toward this issue, and it is being followed blindly.


The bill is the result of an initiative taken by Saira Bano to voice out her victimised life. She wrote a letter to PMO asking for the freedom of Muslim woman and their rights in this secular and federal country. As an answer to her letter, Modi Government made a bill called The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017. It states that instant Triple Talaq in any form whether spoken, written or by electronic means such as email, and WhatsApp is illegal and void. The result of such action is the punishment of three years in jail for the husband. Various parties opposed the bill, including the AIMPLB.

The bill got rejected in RAJYA SABHA by 100 against and 84 votes in favour, although it got passed with a majority in Lok Sabha.

NDA government and the Muslim women didn’t let go of their hopes and fought back. Their constant effort and fighting spirit made the Rajya Sabha passed the bill with a majority of 99 votes.


“We had fundamentally supported this bill. We also wanted amendment for the provision of support to Muslim women. Our opposition was on two-three issues. The Supreme Court had struck down triple talaq; you had also struck down triple talaq through the law. Then what is the need to criminalise an imaginary thing?” senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said. As soon as the bill got passed opposition party came out with their opinion on the same. Whether we call this their view as hypocritic or orthodox thinking, but that’s the sheer reality of Indian politics and Indian political leaders.

In the case of AIMPLB, the people of the board followed this common orthodox way because of their benefits and misogynist thinking. They don’t want to give wings to their daughters or woman of houses as they believe it will destroy them. These kinds of rusted thinking of AIMPLB members have seen in debates and interviews on news channels.

Let say that whoever is supporting this offence is either against NDA or women empowerment.

Every action taken is politicised. NDA might have their benefits of vote bank in passing this law. The opposition point of involving in this is disrespecting the constitution. In this dirty fight of power, we all are forgetting the basic human fundamental rights our SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC constitution preaches. This is about equality, freedom, and feminism. Every individual irrespective of his or her gender has fundamental human rights by birth in this country called-INDIA.

PM Narendra Modi tweets on the triple talaq bill passing news “this is an occasion to salute the remarkable courage of those Muslim women who have suffered great wrongs just due to the practice of Triple Talaq. The abolition of Triple Talaq will contribute to women empowerment and give women the dignity they deserve in our society,”.

This incredible victory over the archaic theory of Muslims law directs Indian to a new national era.

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