Is Google On The Way To Undermine Itself?

Security and protection of the personal details about an individual is the matter of utmost importance. The propensity of a responsible citizen is always inclined towards aspects which assures their security on social platforms. For most people, one of the trusted entity is Google because it confirms the protection of user’s data and information as mentioned under its policies.

Does Google protect and secure the user’s data?

According to the recent reports submitted by Irland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) on a complaint filed by Dr Johnny Ryan in May (Brave’s Chief Policy and industry Relations Officer) mentions that Google’s add system broadcast the personal information. Brave is a privacy-focused browser maker. Evidence was collected and presented by Dr Ryan, which justified his accusation on Google.

The evidence showed that Google had labelled him as an identifying tracker that it fed to third-party companies that logged on to a hidden web page. The page showed no content but had a unique address that linked it to Mr Ryan’s browsing activity.

Google responded, saying it doesn’t serve “personalised ads or send bid requests to bidders without user consent”.

How does this happen?

According to some sources, Google’s ad system – double click or authorised buyer, is found to be active on more than 8.4 million websites which broadcast visitors’ personal information and data to more than 2,000 advertising companies.

There are a complex pathway and mechanism which aids leakage of information. Google has been claimed of having a hidden web page which acts as a key to leak the information. These pages are generally not seen by user/ visitor who visits any particular webpage. If someone tries to visit these pages, which ‘showed no content’. These web pages allow thousands of multiple advertisers to have access to visitors personal information once they load the particular webpage.

Leakage and circulation of personal data on an international platform without their consent, weaken Google privacy and policies. Besides, the damage it causes to individual privacy and their protection rights is incorrigible because once the personal data is shared and leaked, there is no way back to restore and repair the loss.

No one can even predict how and when this leaked information can be used against them. The pace with which this circulation of leaked information is taking place is just a matter of a few seconds.

Few seconds of your day can update a stranger sitting somewhere thousands of miles away about your data!

Accusations against Google have been justified by certain proofs. It marks a lack of transparency and undermines its policies and the trust that people have put in Google. Sharing of one’s personal data on any platform without the consent of the respective individual is not justified on legal grounds and is wrong.

Thus, Google should consummate its privacy and policies to protect the data and details of its users.

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