Google’s Anthos: The Next-Gen Cloud Platform

Google on 14th April 2019, started Anthos, a new open platform from Google Cloud, that lets users run applications from anywhere.

Anthos is the fresh name for the Cloud Services Platform, which Google founded in beta for hybrid cloud management last year. Google also introduced Anthos Migrate in beta for portability across clouds without the need to transform apps or virtual machines.

“We are introducing a new product called Anthos, that not only allows customers to deploy Google Cloud in their own data centres (Hybrid Cloud), but also gives them the flexibility to build, run and manage their workloads within their data center, on Google Cloud, or other cloud providers (Multi-Cloud) without making any changes,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

The new public platform will indeed enable businesses to handle workloads operating on third-party clouds such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure, giving organizations the facility to expand, run and execute applications on the cloud of their choice.

Also, if successful, Anthos could authorize Google to break away at market share by strengthening enterprises to spend more money with Google Cloud.

Anthos is a completely software-based solution. Users can set it up on existing hardware, claimed Google.

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