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Some of us always want some extra space in our Cloud to store our data like contacts, photos and chat backups, so for them, Google did come up with a new service which was unveiled in the market on 14th May 2018 known as Google One. It is basically a new set of paid plan for various storage products such a Google Drive, Gmail, Photos and a lot more.

Where is it available right now?

Google One is launched in the US on 16th August 2018 and is currently available only in the U.S. Sadly, Indian consumers have to wait for few more months.

How to sign up for this subscription?

There is a page that you can sign up to get an email once Google One is available for you in your country. Once it is available, you can download it from Play Store.

The link to the page is https://One.google.com/getupdates

How much will it cost?

The prices below are monthly prices.

  • $1.99=100 GB
  • $2.99=200 GB
  • $9.99 =2 TB
  • $99.99=10 TB
  • $199.99= 20 TB
  • $299.99= 30 TB

What if you don’t want to subscribe to the paid service?

If you don’t want all that cloud storage and you don’t want to pay the money, you will get 15 GB storage automatically with the Google account. It would be still there with the implementation of Google One.

What are the additional benefits?

Google One has also some other added benefits like the ability to share that cloud storage with at most 5 different family members. It also keeps all your files separate between each person on that storage.

Is it available for iOS?

No isn’t currently available for iOS.

Is it going to replace Google Drive?

NO, this news created a bit of confusion for some people who thought that Google One was actually a rebranding of Google Drive which means that it would get cease to be called Google Drive and would be called Google One which is totally false. Google Drive is here to stay and Google One is just the paid storage plan for Google Drive and other Google services.

Here is an introduction video of Google One:

Well, since Google One is not available in India but, looking at the potential of the buying power of Indian buyers, we are sure that it will hit the Indian market very soon. Subscribe to our notifications and get regular updates on technology news.

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