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An Interview With Photographer Prateek Bawkar

Prateek Bawkar is a professional glamour photographer from Mumbai, India who specializes in capturing portrait and fashion photos for editorial and advertising. His unique style has attracted a lot of attention on the photography network.

NAC: “First off, can you tell us about yourself and how you got started in photography?”
Prateek: “I had an interesting start from studying computer engineering and working in IT industry to pursuing personal MBA business training and then using this experience to create my photography Brand. I think the reason I ended up in photography was that it has always been my hobby and as an artist I guess photography is my god given a gift. To be honest, my friends call me a Creative Engineer.”

Prateek Bawkar – Owner and Founder of Glamzia

Prateek has recently quit his IT job and now runs his own photography business called “Glamzia- the contemporary portrait studio“, trying to change the way the industry perceives photography by pushing any boundaries he can. Here are some of his shots:IMG 1


Img 3

NAC: What is Glamzia?
Prateek: “Glamzia is like a bejeweled frame which brings out the beautiful and confident side of
everyday women, in front of a camera, Glamzia, is one of its kind photo studio
 that offers regular/ordinary women a glamorous photo shoot experience in a professional 
studio setting “

NAC: Any final words of wisdom you would like to share?
Prateek: Never be afraid to experiment, sometimes it won’t work but you’ll look back and learn from it. Keep practising, be humble, be passionate and be in love. Keep an open mind and don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t stop making new goals and dreams for yourself to achieve, you’d be surprised just how achievable they really are if you put your heart and mind into them.

click here to check out his work and get yourself glammed up now!

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