10 Things Every Harry Potter Fan can relate to

  1. Imagining yourself at Hogwarts

Lying on the bed, struggling to fall asleep and your mind runs to that one place where you find solace – Hogwarts. You have your nemesis. Maybe in this world you are the ‘Chosen One’ or maybe you are the Dark Lord. Hey, no judgement from me. You have in fact imagined which Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans will be your favourite.10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_01

  1. Crying over the death of characters

When you sat down to read Harry Potter’s last part you had a box of tissues at your disposal. By the time you finished, you had created your own swimming pool. I bet you even cried when Cedric died.10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_02

  1. Challenging your friends with Potter quizzes

No, your duels don’t have spells being shot at each other but Harry Potter trivia questions where the winner takes the prestigious title of being Mr. /Miss Harry-Potter-Know-It-All. It may sound lame but trust me the inner circles of Harry Potter fans take it very seriously.10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_03

  1. Books are better than movies

It is a universally acclaimed fact that books are better than the movies based on them and we are no different. So don’t even try convincing us and by any chance if you do, then you brought that upon yourself.10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_04

  1. Debating about your favourite characters

I know how exasperating it is to explain to that moron why Sirius is your favourite character. To top it all the reason he/she gives is to crown Dumbledore as his favourite character is just RIDIKULUS!10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_05

  1. Creating Fan Fiction

No, no, no they can’t kill him! There are so many events in the book that you wish were different. They can be different if you write them because let’s admit it you are not fine with Fred, Remus, Sirius dying or are you?10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_06

  1. Your pet’s name is derived from the books

You may not have an owl named Hedwig but you have a parrot named the same. If you ever get a cat you are going to name it Crookshanks and if you get enough pets you can have your own Dumbledore Army.10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_07

  1. Getting a ‘HP’ tattoo

You may be not pro tattoo but you must have at least once thought about getting the Deathly Hallows inked on yourself. Some may have gotten it. Even the most sacred of us will not regret getting anything, which will keep the spirit of Harry Potter alive, inked.10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_08

  1. Spending more time at Pottermore than in Real World

Your mom has to drag you out of your room and force you to interact with ‘real’ people! According to you Pottermore is your ‘real’ world. Getting sorted into houses, choosing your own wand, making potions, duelling. It is just like the world you would be if you weren’t stuck with the Muggles.post-14883-Penny-shutting-and-throwing-he-wWPK

  1. Waiting for you Hogwarts letter

Are You still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? Me too! Don’t be bummed, owls can be a bit slow at times. In my case, 9 years slow. Maybe they misplaced your letter or maybe they forgot to register you. Sit tight, you never know when it will come.10ThingsEveryHarryPotterFanCanRelateTo_10

Hitee Singh

Not an archetypal NIFTian but a non-conformist, voracious reader, who wants to leave her mark on the world. Not a social butterfly. A Harry Potter geek and an avid watcher of action films and crime T.V show. A hardcore non-vegetarian. Loves the feline family and water sports. A slight bend towards rock music. Favourite Book-“Gone with the wind”. Favourite Poem-“Where the mind is without fear”. Favourite Movie-“ Rang De Basanti”. Favourite TV show- “One Tree Hill”. Favourite Actor-“ Ian Somerhalder”. Favourite Song-“ Hunger by Ross Copperman”. Favourite Person-“Dad”.

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