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Did PM Modi Really Embarrass India in Russia?

No matter what, Modi is the reason for every breaking news nowadays for Indian Media, Politicians and even for the common man. The PM is on an official tour of Russia and every eye in the international community is on this official trip. But, as the media in India is known for its gossip and masala news they made another controversy out of nothing.

When Prime Minister Modi landed Russia he started walking during National Anthem says Times of India. Without wasting a single second, the news was aired as well as the articles were published online to get MAXIMUM TRP from a non-factual news. ABP news went a step ahead and released a video named: “HUGE EMBARRASSMENT: PM Modi walked as National Anthem being played in Russia”.

The video clip is at the end of the article to have a clear look over what has happened. As per what we could notice is that Prime Minister Modi was asked to move forward by the Russian Official and when he started walking the National Anthem started playing. Another Russian Official asked him to stop immediately and he stopped. The PM acted according to the instructions given and the act was not intentionally done by him. As far as we know he is the Prime Minister of India since past 2 years & has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years, so he very well knows the protocol to be followed during the National Anthem.

But what we can see that the Indian Media is picking things randomly just to create a controversy to defame the Prime Minister.

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