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21st Century: Animals Are Better Than Humans

How do you differentiate between a human and an animal in general? Most of us would answer that humans have the capability to do what animals cannot. Like we have brains which are way more developed than the brains of animals, we can hence use our intelligence to conquer anything. Moreover, we can express ourselves; we have the capability to protect everything in the world, including the animals. We understand feelings and emotions better. The most important claim that we make is that “we have the power of reasoning everything”.

Although giving a proper thought on each of the reasons as mentioned above, we would not only be ashamed but also be consumed with extreme guilt. If we analyse the current situation that we have put ourselves into, I think we are capable enough to interpret that we are not alike as what we have claimed above.

In today’s’ time, the so-called modern era, we humans have stopped even the acknowledgement of other peoples’ existence, let alone respecting them. We have transformed from being selfless to self-centred. In the race of life, where everyone wants to win, we have forgotten the value of the place we live in, we have forgotten the environment, we have forgotten the fellow living beings, the values we imbibed. We have actually forgotten everything and our only motto is to lead, succeed and grow.

Nowadays, we hear stories wherein some animal do something that is recognised as moralistic. We keep dogs as pets and want them to be loyal. And yes, they are loyal because there are many cases where the pets died saving the lives of their owners. However, do we as owners even realise what these not so sensible animals do for us? Or we just take them for granted as we take all other things available to us. We have witnessed many animals and birds like monkeys, dogs, crows and many others taking care of the environment by throwing things in the dustbins, of which they might even not know the use. We humans think this little task to be too time-consuming and run behind our busy lives.

The point here to be noted is we call ourselves the evolved version of monkeys. Isn’t the so-called evolved version to be better and more intelligent? If we boast about ourselves being smart and having the capability of reasoning, then we should be behaving like one.

There are a lot of other cases wherein these animals show much more emotional connect than we humans do. Once they get attached to you, they will never leave you and will be willing to go to any extent possible. Many a time, these animals have shown us what is ‘LOVE‘, ‘CARE‘, ‘AFFECTION‘, and whatnot. Shouldn’t this be a quality that humans possessed? Shouldn’t we be the ones loving others selflessly, protecting the environment and living peacefully? Shouldn’t we the ones taking care of everyone and everything?. If this has struck any chord, please do give it a thought.

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