Puppies VS Kittens – Who Will Win The War Of Cuteness ?

Hello, animal lovers…

We know how difficult it is for an individual who loves animals to choose from keeping a kitten or a puppy as a pet.

So here are some points that may help you ponder over why puppies are better to keep as pets. A face off for fun is here:

#1: Dogs are man’s best friend

Dog mans friend
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Dogs have proven to be more loyal than human beings to their owners. They add certain meaning to life. They tend to enjoy your company and are full of enthusiasm. They are real partners. You can take them running, playing or even they are fun to be trained since they are full of energy. They are the faithful companions.

#2: Puppies help you to make new friends

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Since dogs have an attractive feel they tend to help humans communicate with other people. They tend to enhance the feeling of well-being. While kittens prefer to do their own thing even if going out.

#3: Dogs are much more advanced

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Pet puppy’s or dogs are technologically advanced as their smelling capacity is commendable. Their smell can also be proven useful. They respond to commands quickly.

#4: Dogs adapt better to change

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Usually, most cats are environment sensitive and do not get along the changes so easily. As species, they are calmer. Cats need time to adapt.

#5: Dogs can be trained easily

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Although trading any animal is a difficult task, but cat lovers also agree to the point that they are difficult to be trained in comparison to puppies. Contrastingly it is said that kittens or cats train humans better than they being trained. While most dogs enjoy training as for them it seems to be of a certain purpose. They even get very happy when they get successful in an activity.

#6: Puppies don’t claw-mark your furniture or house

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Kittens are likely to have claws, making your furniture scratched whereas puppies don’t do such things. They get involved with humans easily. And some people really lack the kind of patience required with kittens.

#7: Puppies are morning one’s v\s night kittens

dogs cats
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Puppies or for that matter dogs, are energetic and can play with you all day long and on the other hand, kittens prefer to rest for the entire day, say 15-18 hours and play in the night.

Thus there has been a constant rivalry between ‘Puppies lover’ and ‘cat lovers’. However, it’s not that which pet is better but which ones better for you.

So why choose?

Each animal species is special and has its own pros and cons. Just love them!


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