10 Things All Punjabis Can Relate To

Today, if someone says I’m being biased? NO, I AM NOT!!! (I know I am a Punjabi too! But that’s not the point) because being born in a Punjabi family is a privilege. Trust me! Here are some things that if you don’t do or relate to being a Punjabi, you really need to check your genes then. Read on-

1. Chicken

For a Punjabi, vegetarian food simply doesn’t exist. It’s just chicken all day, every day; every week, month and year.

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2. Punjabi Songs

Listening to loud Punjabi songs inside your car, so booming, that you’re not the only one who is enjoying it.

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3. Fancy Weddings

You just cannot compete with a Punjabi family and their wedding shenanigans. There would be more than 500 people dancing with glasses in their hand, with more than ten functions to do a simple wedding.

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4. Daaru

A Punjabi is the one who talks about Alcohol wherever they go. We just can’t live without it. It is like one of the essential items we arrange even before getting our airline tickets.

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5. Friendship

A Punjabi is either all out or all in when it comes to friendship. Always ready to help their friend no matter what situation, for instance: if a friend breaks up with his/her partner in the middle of the night, a Punjabi friend is ready with a bottle of daaru and will play Imran Khan’s, ‘Bewafa’ even at 2 in the morning.

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6. Showoff

Dude! We don’t show off, we just have the best of everything, in every aspect of the area– just like having an iPhone is like a basic necessity to a Punjabi. Similarly, just like other things, such as, if we ever want to visit our native place, we’ll go to Canada first, then Punjab.
P.S: I am not showing off, huh!

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7. Punjabi Food

Whenever someone says what’s your passion, a Punjabi will always say food first, only then will come any other passion. We love trying out different gourmets, but will always end up having only and only Punjabi food. C’mon you can’t deny Punjabi food is the best!

8. Drama

Trust me! I think Punjabis and drama really have a strong connection! Whether it is a 2-year-old or an 80-year-old, it doesn’t matter. My personal favourite drama performers are the elderly. Ohoo! Our ‘dadis’ are simply the best. Their real performance comes during the wedding by “analysing” other people and commenting on them.

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9. Dropping MC & BC

A Punjabi is incomplete without saying MC, BC at the end of every sentence. Even if we are happy, sad, frustrated regardless of any emotion, MC, BC comes before learning ABC.

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10. Hardcore fights or else ‘Panga’

Being aggressive, always ready to take a challenge, taking a stand for yourself and others even if it’s not necessary and indulging yourself in a ‘Panga’. I mean, agar ye nahi kiya toh kya kiya being a Punjabi.

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Well, this is all from my side now. Will definitely come back with some more interesting content! Till then.. Diljit ka naya gaana hi sunn lo.


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