5 Explosion Around The World During This Week

The world is slowly catching up with the pace to bounce back amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, that it witnessed five devastating explosions in this week. The already plunged economies, along with its terrified inhabitants, now live in uncertainty as to what will happen next?

Here is the list of five explosions that took place around the globe in less than a week.

  • Beirut Explosion:

The massive explosion that took place in the Beirut port warehouse on Tuesday shook the entire world. The terrifying videos which surfed on social media showed two blasts one after another that sent shockwaves across the capital city of Lebanon. As per the recent report by Lebanon’s health ministry, around 157 people have lost their lives, while the total number of injured people shot up to 5,000. The ministry spokesperson said today that the casualty figure is expected to rise as dozens of victims are still missing after the blast.

The blast caused by 2,750 tonnes of highly volatile ammonium nitrate, was stored at a warehouse of port for almost seven years. After the authorities announced a two-week state of Emergency, Beirut’s residents stormed the streets on Thursday accusing government officials of gross negligence and mismanagement.

  • Hyesan North Korea explosion:

An alleged gas leak in a Hyesan house caused a series of blasts that killed 15 North Koreans, and left at least 30 injured on August 3 according to a news report by Daily NK. It also reported that two more people are in a critical condition at a local hospital following the blast. At the same time, another ten people suffered injuries, from shattered glass that followed the explosion.

A video obtained by The Associated Press showed plumes of black smoke rising from a North Korean city of Hyesan near the border with China amid reports that deadly explosions occurred on Monday.

However, neither North Korea nor China has made any official statement about what happened in the region; however, South Korean media and outside monitoring groups reported that gas explosions in a residential area caused the havoc. It was also reported that a gas leak in a house in Hyesan, then ignited and Liquid petroleum gas cylinders attached to nearby homes then exploded, causing a series of fires and explosions.

  • Wuhan Explosion (Hubei Province):

According to a news report by the South China Morning Post, six people were killed and four injured when a flash explosion occurred at a chemical factory in China’s Hubei province on August 3.

Footage released by the state media shows thick plumes of black smoke fill out into the sky from the plant in Hubei province after the blast took place in the evening. According to the report, authorities have informed that an investigation is underway.

  • Dubai Fire outbreak (Ajman, UAE)

According to an official report, a massive fire broke out inside the Ajman market area of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 6:30 pm on Wednesday.


The fire broke out in the UAE’s new industrial area in Ajman, which is approximately 50 km away from Dubai. The latest update on Wednesday says that the National, Ajman Civil Defence bring the fire under control at about 9 pm (local time), media report.

Crews from Dubai, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain arrived at the spot and assisted the local emergency service in putting out the fire.

  • St. Paul hotel fire, Minnesota

A massive fire broke out in downtown St. Paul early Tuesday morning, destroying a hotel under construction across the Xcel Energy Center.

The fire plumed more than 40 feet high at one point and was visible on freeway traffic cameras nearby.

Fire officials said at 5:00 am that a substantial part of the blaze had been knocked down. No injuries have been reported.

National Response Team under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) arrived in downtown St. Paul on Thursday. The team of expert investigators is working with local officials to examine the cause of the fire.

The building that went up in flames was the Seven Corners Gateway, a 69 million dollar luxury apartment/hotel project. Officials say an initial estimation has revealed that the five stories of the building under construction which formed part of the restaurant sustained maximum damage.

Doran Companies, the construction company, said in a statement on Tuesday that it is working to secure the site so that officials can safely investigate the cause of the fire.

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