10 reasons why best friends are life saviours

There isn’t one person on this earth who doesn’t have a best friend. It could be our classmates or the people we grew up with, our cousins or our grandparents. If not anybody, it could just be our parents (not really, although). But regardless of who they are, you always know that they are the ones who will be with you. You will create elaborate stories and inside jokes to make sure the entire world knows your bond. This is what makes them all the more important in our life.

This prompted us to tell you why we feel best friends are the ones who make our life worth living!

  1. You don’t have to spell out when you need them.

You need your best friend to come give you a hug and listen to your awful day? There they are! One of the greatest things about having a best friend is being able to share everything. They are the ones to whom we tell things that we wouldn’t even dream of telling anyone else, our greatest fears, our biggest mistakes, everything. They know why we are the way we are and why we do the things that we do.picture 1

  1. They don’t ask for an invitation to meet you.

When have you ever invited your best friends to your house? Probably in high school when you wanted your parents to meet them. Over time, they have become those uninvited house guests who know where to find the hidden goodies in the kitchen that your mom hides! Thank you so much, Aunty!picture 2

  1. They will make elaborate gestures to make you feel special.

Keeping your pictures together as their wallpapers or writing long statuses just to let you know that they remember, best friends never leave a stone unturned to make things special for you. Probably, it’s a protective measure. A warning to all those ‘wannabe’ people who can take your place. Hey there, this human is already taken!picture 3

  1. They know your mood swings.

They know your happy face, your angry face, your irritated face and the face that says you’re confused about your face! They have been with you during all the phases associated with your faces and they know how to pacify you. After all, the training has to pay off someday!picture 4

  1. They know your latest crushes and how to impress them.

You might have confided in them or babbled it, but your besties always know who occupies the spot in your heart currently. And they are ready with 10 ways to woo your current beloved. If this doesn’t work, then probably that hot guy/girl who is friends with your bestie is the chosen one. Best friend to the call of duty!picture 5

  1. They are ready with atom bombs to annihilate people who make you sad.

Bring out the guns and the cannons! Who dare lay a hand on their best friend? That guy has a death wish for sure. Your best friend will make sure that the person who put the tears on your adorable face does not live to see another day!picture 6

  1. You have your own secret communication for outsiders.

Those eye twitches, faces and subtle and crazy signs have their own language. And why not, you’ve had a lot of time to practice it with your besties. They know what an eye roll signifies, whether or not the outsider noticed it. That is the beauty of having a long time best friend!picture 7

  1. They are the only ego boost you ever require.

Who needs any other confidence booster or a person to give compliments. Isn’t that what your best friend is for? S/he is ready to sample those first attempts at baking (salty, hard or otherwise) and to make sure you know you look the prettiest in that red dress. They can’t let you doubt yourself.picture 8

  1. They don’t judge you for anything you do.

So, you had no idea that the guy you liked would turn out bad or that amazing dress you thought would look great on you look hideous. They are there to let you learn from your mistakes. They don’t give you the “I told you” looks because they know you won’t when they make mistakes.picture 9

  1. You may fight with them today, but you always make up tomorrow.

No matter what you do, they will never leave your side. They are like those pesky mosquitos who will keep sucking your sweet blood. But, there is nobody in the whole world who can compare to them. They are the people who make your life full of adventures, literal or otherwise!picture 10

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