10 Must-Read Books For This Winter

Reading has always been an enjoyable practice to fulfil and give meaning to our human birth. It helps us to dive in the world of imagination as well as creativity. Reading not only broaden one’s vision but helps to boost our analytical and thinking skills. We should not lose an opportunity to read and should increase our knowledge to the maximum extent.

Lisa See rightly said, “Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

So, here are the ten must-read books for this winter:-

  1. Life without limits

It is authored by ‘Nick Vujicic’, a person born without arms and legs and who is now a motivational speaker, swimmer, photographer and more. This inspirational book speaks about the challenging journey of a person who never loses his hope; in spite, everyone disowning him. It is a book of courage, hard-work and self-confidence.

Nick Vujicic
Source: Flickr

2. Dreams From My Father

Written by the former American President, Barack Obama, this book has been the NO.1 International Seller due to the beautiful carving of words which poetry the complete life of Barack Obama. It is a perfect and must-read book if you really want to have a better taste in reading.

3. The Story Of My Life

It is an autobiography of Hellen Keller which pours some light in the life of a blind and deaf girl. A marvellous book, which shows explicitly every tiny aspect so that the reader can understand the difficulty and hardships faced by every disabled child. Please give it a read.

Helen Keller
Source: Amazon

4. To Kill A Mockingbird

Penned by Harper Lee, the book very nicely interprets the human behaviour revolving around the elements of life, hatred, hypocrisy and innocence. It is a top-rated book among the readers for its content.

5. Mere Sapno Ka Bharat (India Of My Dreams)

Written by Mahatma Gandhi, the book describes the incredibility and the piousness of India, stating the originality of our culture and tradition. It is a must-read book not from the point of view of Gandhi’s demands or hatred towards him, but from the perspective of his Dream India, which is very genuinely inscribed in the book.

India Of My Dreams
Source: Amazon

6. The Kite Runner

Khaled Hosseini is the author of the book. This book shares with its readers a totally different era, which is rich in its culture and diversity and deals about the kid’s kite contests. The book is an affair of lots of adventure.

7. Becoming Michelle Obama

This book deals with the ability of Michelle Obama in turning the difficulties of her life into her strengths and how she utilised those difficulties as a stepping stone for her foundation and success. An inspiring story that should be on the must-read list of every person.

Becoming Michelle Obama
Source: Amazon

8. The Girl On The Train

Written by Paula Hawkins, it is a mystery thriller which involves the rage, courage, drama and suspense. The story attracts the thriller-loving people and will lead the readers to a fascinating journey. However, it should be read at least once by everyone for its unique storyline.

9. Hamlet

As everyone knows, it is penned by William Shakespeare, the famous English writer. It describes the journey or a life sequence of how the revenge gets carried away when the throne is always looked upon with greed. It very delicately deals with the relationships and the emotional bondings between people with the words beaded like a garland.

Source: Wikimedia

10. Rashmirathi

This book is written by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, the famous Hindi poet. The story revolves around the life of Karna, the son of the unmarried princess Kunti and Sury (the Sun deity) in Mahabharata. The book is very much appreciated and is considered one of the best classics work in Hindi Literature of Dinkar Sahab. It is a must-read book to know our literary culture better.

“Happy Reading.”

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