Why Is PM Silent Over Rape Accused People Who Are Members Of His Party?

Who doesn’t want a leader or party that can offer equality, security and empowerment to women? Empowering and promoting women has always been a part of the speeches of political leaders. Investing a few words of their statement about women can get them back the profit of many votes. Do these political leaders actually work on these issues and stand by their words, or is it just an investment for the sake of personal profit? Or for vote banks?

Recently, many cases have been reported against various politicians, especially party leaders accused of multiple charges. Let’s have a look.

Former minister of Uttar Pradesh Swami Chinmayanand has been accused of rape by a law student. Various leaders of congress and other parties questioned the silence of BJP leaders, not only did they challenged the silence, but also accused BJP of supporting the culprit.

General secretary of Congress, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra compared this case with Unnao rape case and tweeted “The consequences of the BJP government and police’s negligence and protection to the accused in the Unnao rape case are in front of everyone. Now, the BJP government and police are repeating the same in the Shahjahanpur case. The victim is in fear, but do not know what the BJP government is waiting for,”.

What happened in Unnao rape case?

Former BJP leader and expelled MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar was accused of rape by a 17-year-old girl. Rape survivor and her family were being threatened. Negligence of police and government lead to a disheartening and incorrigible consequence, i.e. girl along with two relatives and her advocate met with a severe and painful accident. Two of her relatives died, leaving her and the advocate critically injured.

So much happened in a span of the last nine months, and please note these are just cases where the victim has shown the courage to file a lawsuit, there might be many such unknown cases. If we check our history, we’ll notice one thing that these rape cases are followed by significant protest from people all over the nation; candle march, sharing and protesting on social platforms and more. Moreover, the worst part is that all these efforts never bothered our government. It not only discourages the motive of people to stand against something wrong but also starts creating an apathetic effect in society. All will end up on the thought that the government will do nothing, based on the previous records and doings.

What is stopping our government and its system from taking a step against these culprits? Are they trying to support them? Why don’t our government serve justice to the victim? There is no end to these questions that strike our mind and troubles us, and the worst part is that we have never been answered.

Although, when we try to find the answer of these questions ourselves, we all tend towards the same opinion and, i.e. maybe this government is trying to avoid and prevent the circumstances which put ‘KALANK’ on their reputation and image.

Has our government served justice to all the rape victims of our country we have had up till now? Even if the justice got served to them BY CHANCE, how much time did it take to do so? It takes years of struggle, mental torture, trauma and anxiety to get that dignity back to face the society. Isn’t it a punishment for that victim to spend all those years yearning for justice.

The PM seems unbothered even when the daughter of the nation is going through such painful circumstances. The irony is that this same government has introduced the “BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO” campaign. When will these political leaders realise that girls are not safe even from their own party member? That it is time to revamp our education and social system, and also have a look at the laws regarding such crimes.

Our government should try to understand that punishing a culprit would not lead to a decline in the reputation of any party or institution. It would instead strengthen the trust and belief of people in that government who serves justice to them on social grounds.

No matter what background a culprit belongs to, no matter how much financial and political backup the culprit has, the only point to be taken into consideration is whether he/she is a culprit.

Let’s hope that the PM who preaches about change, growth, development and more look inside his party and realise that all these should start from within his party itself. As always India is in hope, a hope that at least this government would make a difference.


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