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Why you should attend “Talaash”??

Talaash is a platform that morphs a significant element in every freshman at the prestigious Jai Hind College, Mumbai.

It throws light upon the contrasting behavioural traits from the usual klutzy persona of a regular undergrad student to a completely opposing energised one. The zeal to put up a scintillating performance at the much awaited cultural day is matched with the equally mind-boggling brainstorming sessions. Eons later, ‘Talaash’ has gained enough popularity and is more than just a treasure hunt. The theme of the festival, ‘Traveller’s Memoir’ revolves around the gripping wanderlust that resides in each individual.

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It emphasises on the concept of breaking the rut and exploring the bizarre avenues of the most everyday life experiences. To testify their theory of seeking something unreal in the most mundane things, members of Talaash organised a free medical examination at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

They also made an attempt at educating the populace about road safety measures through their initiative, ‘Street Crusade’ at various locations around the city map such as Haji Ali, Grant Road Station, Eros Cinema and at the scenic Marine Drive.

Inching close to the 17th of this month, we can already sense the gush of adrenaline pumping us up for the upcoming affair. Come join us on an indelible journey from 17th  to the 19th of December. Who would have thought that a simple treasure hunt organised by a bunch of rookies could turn into a three-day extravaganza of unfathomable madness?

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