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Gear up everyone for Talaash 2016

Talaash, is a 17 year old annual festival of the prestigious Jai Hind College, which has now emerged to become a brand in itself.

A carnival that started off merely as a 7 day treasure hunt event and later grew to become the first management festival of Mumbai that was hosted by a college has now reached to such glorious heights that it pulls a footfall of 11000 people effortlessly.

It lures young students that have hidden artists in themselves to recognize their talents by providing them with a platform that helps them put up an event of their own to showcase their strengths; which not only boosts their confidence but also aids them in building essential contacts in the industry.

Not only that, Talaash works for the betterment of the society by the numerous functions it organizes for the welfare of the public like car rallies, plantation drives and medical camps. It unites the residents of Mumbai by the vivid activities it contains that awakens the inner patriotism of Indians, for example Talaash conducted an event in Palladium Mall in the year 2012 which included people from multiple ethnicities to come together and sing the national anthem of India under the same roof, with pride.

This year Talaash has chosen the theme : TRAVELLOR’S MEMOIR

“A Traveller’s Memoir is just like any other person, what makes him different from others is he does not live in stagnancy. He seeks beauty, he carts hunger for adventure. The world is his home, and he is out there capturing every moment of his voyage. All the bonds he made, of all the places he explored and all of the experiences remain captured forever in his library of life called ‘A Traveller’s Memoir.’

Let’s set out an exotic getaway together and etch some beautiful memories for the eternal quest, ‘Talaash’.After all, Talaash is not a college festival, its a journey. Join us in this amazing journey which will start on the 17th of December.

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