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Is Current Modi Government A Slow Poison To Indians?

With the Modi Government winning the second consecutive term with a thumping majority, varied opinions can be seen among the people. A lot of us feel it be a blessing since the work that NDA government did and the way they handled the country in the last five years had been fantastic. Be it the decision on demonetisation, surgical strikes, the introduction of GST, everything had been applaudable.

Although there are counters to all these decisions like they have stopped the economic growth, businesses are failing; people are losing their livelihoods and more. However, the truth is that any new decision when taken needs to be given a reasonable amount of time to bear fruits. You cannot expect the country to be bettered in a day.

Our foreign relations had never been better. People have come to recognise India as a powerful country, and we have earned much respect worldwide. None other than Mr Modi did this, he made an unexpected reality. Although there is no denying the fact that previous governments did there part, but what this government has done stands apart.

Now people have started claiming that the government is acting like a slow poison to the Indians. The economy has been severely affected as it is running at a sluggish pace. The automobile sector is the worst affected. There have been many bank scams. Banks are failing, and the RBI is unable to revive the economy.

However, here, we need to understand that it is not only India that is going through such a phase. There is a worldwide economic slowdown. Moreover, with all these things like the US-China trade war, US-Iran deal, North Korea-South Korea tension going on it is only going to be worse. So only blaming the Modi Government for this is not justifiable.

In reality, the government is trying to revive the economy with Nirmala Sitharaman making all the announcements about the cutting down of the surcharge on the foreign as well as domestic investors and likewise. They have been continuously quoting that they respect all the wealth creators and it is not only about the fewer affluent sections of the country.

So, according to me saying that the government is a slow poison is not valid. Moreover, with its last decision about Article 370 being defunct and creation of the two Union Territories of Kashmir and Ladakh, and Triple Talaq bill it has come out stronger than any of its predecessors. It is time that instead of blaming the government for all the damages, we contribute our part towards the betterment of the nation.

Let me pose a question to our readers on why you are For and Against NDA Government

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