Who All Are Answerable For Rape Cases?

I have seen this before, yes I have seen the protest, candlelight march, #WeWantJustice #JusticeFor____, but the government has always shown a silence towards this topic. I guess even people now known this trend will go on, even if we scream our lungs out the government won’t do anything and even the government knows that this protest won’t last if they keep mum.

Within a span of four to five day, India has witnessed a lot of rape cases, which were brought into the limelight. It’s not that there were no rape cases before, as many as 2,290 arrests were made in rape cases last year as compared to 2,275 in 2017 and 2,072 in 2018. However, people are awakened now, till when? That has to be looked into? If we stop now, more women will have to face the atrocity.

I want to ask, What stops the Indian government from taking strict actions? Is it because we are a democratic country, and every citizen has the right to live even if they commit heinous crimes? Or the government is waiting for a situation like this to happen to any of their loved ones? I have seen rapist being arrested, I have also seen them coming out of jail as if they had gone for a luxury vacation–healthy, fit, happy. Why don’t the government or the court announce the death penalty for the rapist? Even after all pieces of evidence was presented, there were cases wherein the culprit had walked out of the court even without being punished. Reasons given were that enough evidence was not submitted.

I don’t know how many of you all remember Sister Abhaya case, Soumya murder case, Nirbhaya, the verdict for all these are still pending. Even if judgment comes, culprits go for an appeal, then again the court drama continues. What for? If the victim is alive, then all she gets is life long journey in and out of court, thousands of irrelevant question, humiliation–all this for being a victim.

Furthermore, if miraculously a death sentence is announced for one such case, there will be the various organisation, politician and many other people to oppose the same. One simple question to all those people, why don’t you think about the right of the victim, the deceased/alive? About her family, friends? About what example and message you are giving to society, millennials, the upcoming young generation?

By not providing a proper and strict judgement to such cases, we are indirectly conveying, India ma sab kuch chaltha hai, Koi kuch nahi bolega aur karga bi. Is it so?

Finally, I want to ask the society what are we teaching our children? Just after a few days of Priyanka Reddy being ruthlessly murdered, people are searching her content in banned sites–To be precise, her name is ranked No.1 in the search list. As per the source, approximately 8M people have already searched, and the number is still increasing.

When people have such a sickening mentality, then I don’t think so even law can stop them. Being shameless is different; this is completely being inhuman to a soul whose body and mind had to go through a lot during her last few hours of life.

Don’t you think all this is making every girl lose their trust towards law, society and the government? Let Priyanka’s case be one example for all those ‘gentlemen’ out there who can’t control their hands and pants from working when seeing a girl.

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