I AM A MAN – My Masculinity Lies In My Pants

She was wearing short clothes, have no manners RAPE TOH HONA HI THA–she always roams around with boys and have many male friends, RAPE TOH HONA HI THA–she shows her body parts blatantly and she has no respect for elders RAPE TOH HONA HI THA–she is misguided by her education profile, and she is egoistic RAPE TOH HONA HI THA–she drinks alcohol, she hangs out late night, she does smoke, her family has given her so much freedom RAPE TO HONA HI THA and many more BlaBla criteria of our so-called incredible Indian society who never leaves a chance to teach a girl what should she do ideally to not get raped by any male who can’t stop his hormones from getting flow out from the mere zip of his pants. AB AADMI HAI BRA STRAP DEKH KE, POLISHED LEGS DEKH KE, MAN MACHAL JATA HAI UNKA, yeah as if they are the only humans having hormones there is no any other male in society who are controlling their hands and pants to save themselves from harming a woman’s dignity.

How many other norms do we need to form to tell a woman to save herself? How many laws do we need to create to save a woman being a land of mother goddess? How many more society do we need to create to tell a man what they are actually doing? No answers, because we have already done or we are already on the way of pursuing these terms and conditions of society so that we can save at least a little one from getting harmed.

You get excited by seeing her size zero, get excited from seeing her with a glamorous body or seeing her drinking with some male friends as if she is inviting you that HEY! there, here I am with my best-crafted body by god and my gym trainer to help you out in losing up your pants. What kind of pathetic mentality do these kinds of male grow with? Okay you have a great explanation for raping a grown-up woman like Nirbhaya and Priyanka Reddy–you have reasons to burn their body as they were able to reveal your masculinity that got questioned by your own poor soul on seeing a woman–might you have reasons even for raping a woman not in the nights alone, not in the clubs only but wherever and whenever you want it to; but what are your reasons for raping a little girls who haven’t steps into her puberty age.

What is in her body that makes your tongue to get lured? Is that her innocence that makes you do so? Or her giggling after seeing you and feeling like you are just a next-door human being for her? This is the unfortunate side of this sick society we all are living–just living in the form of breathing in and breathing out!

Delhi is the rape city, here in south India nothing like that happens, capital is becoming the crime city here in west there is nothing like that …. AREY DELHI JAISE BADE SEHAR MAI LADKIA UNSAFE HAI HAMARE YHAAN TO LADKIO KO PUJATE HAI in form of goddess and who will tell that in the next door these states are also getting in the list of number of crime cities against woman.

It is not about getting raped only; it is also about harassing a woman, killing her, murdering her, for dowry, for not letting her study and mutilating her and whatnot. We are not saying that man are not handling anything; it is neither the case of feminism nor the case of equality. It is above all these small topics because it is about being human; it is about saving the human nature with so-called senses God has given us.

Where are we moving towards? A state where we can’t see a woman in her comfort zone being a woman, we can’t see a woman in the night alone on roads being a democratic free nation, what kind of education we are getting that we are exploiting the nation fundamentals?

So many questions to ask, so many hashtags to follow, so many candle marches to join, so many cases to handle–however, you know what, all this will fade away not today, not tomorrow but yes will do in next month, next year; yes will do because we live in a patriarchal society where a woman supports a man to harm another woman, where man shows their power by raping, harassing and beating a woman, where leaders are busy in saving places for eternal powers instead of women who gave them birth.

Every netizens are busy to follow the hashtags but not standing up for right and wrong. We are following Gandhiji ideology of 3 monkeys, yes we are not hearing the cry of every single human who is harassed by other devil nature human–we are not saying a word against any kind of atrocious behaviour–we are not seeing the tragedy which is happening all around; we are just trying to be the spectators and enjoy the movie till it get onto us. So no doubt we are following GANDHI JI’S ideology but in the opposite direction because’ HUM HAI NAYE ANDAAZ KYU HO PUARANA.’

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