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When one story changed many other stories

“I am among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment with a bunch of unclear dreams and blurred vision of goals in my life,” says Harakamal Ubhi, a student who is alongside a motivational writer and speaker who turned his passion for writing and speaking into something that has today, changed the lives of many others.

”When my life changed, looking at positive things in it and I decided to start helping others, I love motivating people, mentoring, coaching and helping them realise their full potential and, most importantly, serving my community,” he says

In an age where there are numerous thinkers, life coaches and counsellors, his writing that is based on his own encounters in life is what makes him stand apart from them, he says. This engineer turned author, who always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, is also a co-founder of Skill Infinity, a start-up that focuses on lubricating start-ups in their initial days. Ask him about the expansion plans, he says he does want to expand it, with a vision to become a top entrepreneur in India a widely recognised motivational speaker and an inspiration for the youth. To reach his aim, he deeply believes in dreaming with the eyes open, taking risks and investing time through sincere efforts.

Having authored about four e-books so far, he accredits his choice of writing motivational books to the concept of sharing, “if you have more than you need, you should simply share it with those who need it the most,” he says.

Having touched the lives of many, through his writing and talks, he wishes to continue due to the fulfilment he derives from it. He can be reached out at his site

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An aspiring chartered accountant and journalist. Also, a passionate photographer , an avid reader with a heart filled with wanderlust, adventures are always a yes! I like to meet new people, learn about different cultures whilst being deeply intrigued by history and Indian mythology. Long drives, walks, and soothing music fuel my soul. Doodling and painting helps me battle boredom. I believe in looking a little beyond everyday and everything for simplicity is peaceful and life, truly. Briefly, a nerd who is out of the box, an artist by choice, writer by passion and photographer by obsession.

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