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The SERVISINGH.COM Like the name? Then you are going to love what they do!

Introducing you to a new website in the market that provides the best amenities at affordable prices. Plumbers, electricians, security services. You name it and they have it. Pro at providing any kind of services regarding work or home, they can give any other rival company, a run for their money. Currently headquartered in Panjim,Goa they also have branches in Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi.

Want to know more about them? How do they work ? What is their agenda? Then read on to find out!

Mr.Shahid Akhtar along with his friends Mr. Gurunath V Bichu and Mr. Ashish Khokhar decided to open their very own venture after facing a few hardships in their previous businesses.A visionary risk taker, with a burning desire to create something, they started, a platform from where a lot of service professionals like Housekeepers, Security guards, Plumbers, AC maintainers, Electricians, Carpenters, Cleaning ladies etc could be hired without much hassle.

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Source: NewsAurChai Media

Mr. Shahid Akhtar describes entrepreneurship as an ‘addictive illness’ , from which he doesn’t want to be cured.

Want to know what a person passionate about his work looks like? Scroll down to find out.

Here are some of the questions we asked him about his venture, to know more about it.

1. What does your Company mainly do?

We would like to introduce ourselves as a one stop shop for over 100 types of Infrastructure related Construction, Maintenance and Repair Services. It acts as a single point of contact for all kind of household and commercial service needs.

2. What was your aim when you thought of starting

I want to build India’s largest and preferred Infrastructure Maintenance and Multi-facility Management Company through aggregation model.

3. Why does Servisingh stand out so much? Why should it be followed on social media?

Servisingh stands out because of its uniqueness in providing convenience and comfort to its household and commercial customers. If you have a Car, it needs to be cleaned and serviced, If you have a house, it needs to be disinfected through pest control, it needs to be painted. Our services are touching lives of every people. On social media, we keep on posting such relevant information.

4. Do you take absolute responsibility for your employee’s credibility?

First of all, they’re not our employees. Servisingh is an aggregator where we’ve on-boarded over 4000 people under various categories. And also run them through an empanelment process in which we ask them for the KYC details with proofs. We verify their details and do reference checks before we assign them the job.

Source: NewsAurChai Media
Source: NewsAurChai Media

5. What has been the best moment for you since you started Servisingh?

We’ve received “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” under the category, Prashant Shinde Award

6. Would you like to suggest a piece of advice for success to people who are in the same line as you?

I don’t think that I’m that successful that I can guide people towards success. However, what I feel is “one should be passionate about his work and his dreams. Unless you are driven by passion, chances are, you will end up falling short of your goals.”

So people if you are ever in the need of any kind of help they provide from the list above. Do not hesitate to call them.

They can be reached at – 9021365365 or on their

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