“Welcome To Heaven In Uttarakhand – VASUDHARA FALLS.”

Away from the hustles of daily life chores, seeking peace for a few seconds, we all roam here and there as adventure seekers or travel lovers. We all know that Ranbir Kapoor of YJHD influences us with his dialogues. What if the place holds your eyes, not for some seconds but hours, that’s what a traveller seeks for. If this is your travel motto, then, look nowhere less as Uttarakhand is the ultimate stop.

Vasudhara Falls is situated around 12,000ft above sea level is among those beauties of Uttarakhand which attracts the tourist’s attention not only from a small part of India but all around the globe. This eye-catching waterfall is located about 10 km from Badrinath- The first Dham among the 4 Dhams, in the northern part of Uttarakhand. To be accurate, it is situated near to Mana, commonly known as the last Indian village located on the Tibetan border.

Vasudhara Falls
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Mana is a small and beautiful village on the foothills of Himalayan ranges. The town with its scenic beauty is blessed with gushing waters of Saraswati river cascaded all around with the army cottages. The majestic view of the point near the shop called- ‘Last Indian tea shop’ is breathtaking and eye warming. Viewing the astonishing beauty of waterfall from Mana, you will see it like a silver-coloured fall tumbling from a great height with some power and belief raging inside the spectators.

What all attractive Uttarakhand trek has?

  1. Bhim Pul – This pul is a stone bridge renowned for the story, that it is made by Bhima of Mahabharata to help his beloved wife Draupadi to cross the river
  2. Cave Ganesh – It is named so, as that this is the actual cave where Lord Ganesh, had composed the epic Mahabharata.
  3. Cave Vyasa – This cave is known as the place where Veda Vyasa dictated the epic Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha.

Apart from visiting this fantastic linked places, you can add a trek to Valley of Flowers or Hemkund Sahib which is 77k.m. or 2 hours journey away from Mana Village. Mana Pass is the key attraction point for the people who love to drive in hills. The place is situated at 18400 ft of height, but one has to take special permission from the army as it remains snow-covered all the time.

hemkund sahib
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Stay Away, Stay Away, Myth is coming

The 400-ft-high fall is considered to be a beautiful spot by local people. It is believed that Pandavas had passed through the Mana village, on their journey to heaven. Among the Pandava brothers, it was only Yuthishtira, the eldest brother and his dog had the opportunity to cross this waterfall all because of their karmas.

Another myth that holds the ground is that the waters of this fall turn away from people who are not pure at heart, how’s that possible? No One Knows! That’s what Indian mythology prevails at.

So whenever planning for a trip next time, think of this heavenly beautiful place once and seek the peace which is also seeking you.

Uttarakhand View
Source: Wikimedia

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